Mrs. Brumett’s Garden

Writer/Director: Patrick Rea; Producers: Patrick Rea, Ryan Jones.

Helen Brumett, an elderly woman, believes she is talking to fairies in her garden. Her husband, Abner thinks she is crazy and has plans to put her away in a home. Are the fairies just a figment of Helen’s imagination, or are they real?

22 min

Makazie One

Writer/Director: Brent 'Clutch' Gaubatz; Producer: Matt “Redeye” Paisley.

Set in the Star Wars universe during the time period between episodes 3 and 4, an elite soldier has been sent to track down and destroy a known threat to the Empire through intense ground battles and haunting imagery of death that surround the environment. The unsuspecting enemy to the new Imperial order has no idea what he is up against when the two finally meet for an action packed surprise ending.

20 min

Magritte Moment

Writer/Director: Ian Fischer; Producer: Ian Fischer, Pamela Peeters.

Trevor, a frustrated painter suffers from artist block. He searches for his muse, and in the process, gets help from the surreal visions of the painter Rene Magritte, a wallet, and a tall man wearing a bowler cap. Through his creative journey Trevor finds his happiness and his soul mate.

17 min

Lucy Wants To Kill Herself

Writers: Andrea Brookes, Craig Brookes; Director: Andrea Brookes; Producer: Craig Brookes.

Lucy wants to kill herself is a flabbergastingly amazing animated surreal black comedy about a melodramatic writer/poet and her pet cats expeditious attempts to keep her from suicide.
Lucy is the quintessential suicidal writer/poet. Lucy doesn’t quite belong in this world and seeks sanctuary within the surreal breach between life and death, not that she’s very successful at embracing death for long. Her cat, Mishima, who hates Lucy’s self destructive behavior only a little less than he hates being left alone, could have been a good reason for her to stay around if she weren’t so self absorbed.

13 min

Loser pays, Winner stays

Writer/Director/Producer: Jerry Fuchs.

This animated short is a tribute to all the long hours I spent in the bowling alleys and arcades growing up. I have always had a fondness for Knights vs. Dragons. So, loving to draw dragons and goofy knights, I thought that it would be great to animate them fighting it out like the Road-runner and Coyote. I also love old arcade games and the skill it took to create characters out of the square pixels.

2 min

Living With Cartoons

Writer/Director/Producer: Mark Smith.

The Struggling Cartoonist, Mark Toonery and his wife Al, share their 2-bedroom apartment with Mark’s offbeat cartoon characters. At least that’s the plan until Mark sells his comic strip, Bigfoot Country. Sezquatch, Deadbeat Skunk and Thurman Q. Porcupine have taken on household chores to help out in the meantime. Also helping out (or just hanging out) are mad scientist Dr. Ratnest, who manages Mark’s website, Jayle Bat, who starred on a Spring Break T-shirt, and three renegades from Mark’s unpublished teen fantasy novels. And last are the three least qualified for apartment living, intergalactic troublemakers Petrol Jelly and the Arsonist Space Squirrels.

2 min


Writer/Director/Producer: Sean B. Conly.

Jabbawaki is the story of a monster’s love, and a journey of self discovery. Inspired by summers spent on the majestic shores of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba and the magical winters of North Ontario, Sean uses his interest in folk art and storybook illustration, as well as his love of a good tale, to bring to life the challenges of this love-struck and unlikely hero. Illustrated in Photoshop, and animated in After Effects, this film was constructed in a series of virtual dioramas. Scored by Sean with throwbacks to folk and classical music, it is all tied together with a haunting narration by Peter Longworth.

12 min


Writers: Matt Olmstead, Lin Oeding; Director: Lin Oeding; Producers: Andrew Poston, Tim Sabo, Jay Thames.

A romantic couple’s brief encounter with several philosophical thugs unfolds in an unusual way.

8 min

The Icebox

Writer/Director: Michel Tremblay Jr.; Producer: François Bonneau.

Charles learns he has lung cancer but he doesn’t seem to care. Bored by life, he decides to play an underground game. Whatever the outcome is, everything will be fine.

The Icebox examines the horrors that can arise from the misuse of scientific developments.

18 min

The Delivery

Writer: Gabrielle de Cuir; Producers: Gabrielle de Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki; Director: Gabrielle de Cuir.

Alice in Wonderland meets Audiobooks.

A reluctant-reader teen encounters temperament, talent and a glimpse of the supernatural as she wends her way through a series of recording studios, until her imagination skyrockets her into a full-blown 1830s Mad Tea Party Scene. Cast includes Orson Scott Card, Emily Janice Card, Harlan Ellison, Michael York.

30 min

Dead Bones

Writer/Director: Olivier Beguin; Producers: Annick Mahnert, Adán Martín.

A bounty hunter is tracking down a criminal. He catches up with him in a small half-abandoned village where he soon discovers that the few remaining locals have unusual customs. Starring Arie Verveen (Sin City), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), and extreme cult director Ruggero Deodato.

18 min

Day Labor

Writer/Director: David Lindabury; Producers: Mary Grace Higgs, Nancy Miller, Jack Charlop.

Juan and Esteban have worked plenty of dirty jobs before, but nothing has prepared them for a day in the office. Can they survive the cubicles and conference rooms of corporate America?

12 min

I Saved The World From Global Warming!

Writers/Directors: Nolan Wang, Kyle Dickinson; Producer: Mike Cersosimo.

Ten years ago, Kiefer Donovan solved Global Warming… but what has he done lately? He has just been denied tenure as a Chemistry 101 professor, and now must battle his own animated psyche, face his scientific nemesis, and most importantly, learn to stop living in the past.

18 min

I Love You I Love You I Love You

Writer/Producer/Director: Mikey Reyes.

In a post apocalyptic world cities are controlled by a militant government. Mass exterminations are being carried out. Only the strong will survive. Every a rejected test subject, gets a second chance at life after being rescued by Clair, a street smart survivor. The two must find safety by avoiding the cameras and guards that are always watching.

4 min

Panels for the Walls of Hell

Writer: Tak Masuda; Producers: Blake Myers, Tak Masuda; Director: Blake Myers.

William, a disaffected, pretentious projectionist at a prestigious film festival, has high notions of cinema. When screening one terrible film after another, he’s jolted from his daze when a film is destroyed in the projector. Soon he’s forced to confront Madeline, a wannabe filmmaker with an explosive temper. After enduring a slew of verbal abuse from Madeline, an unfortunate accident renders her into a corpse and William is finally given a chance to show the audience the true meaning of cinema.

5 min

Paint Shaker

Writers: Jon Niccum, Jai Nitz; Producers: Ryan Jones, Jon Niccum, Josh Robison, Patrick Rea; Director: Patrick Rea.

Thompson needs to find somebody to work his Saturday shift at the hardware store. But his fellow employees aren’t exactly coming to his aid, and the store is short staffed ever since his jerkwad boss Gary fired the underperforming Chuck. When the disgruntled and well-armed Chuck returns for revenge, Thompson and his callous co-worker Hannah get caught in the middle of the rampage. Gary locks himself in a storeroom while Chuck attempts to extricate the frightened manager. Once bullets start to fly, things don’t quite work out the way everybody had hoped. Or do they?

15 min


Writer/Director: Will Adams; Producers: Rory Lowe.

A lone astronaut attempts to terraform a hostile planet with a malfunctioning robot as his only companion. Every small success the Terrafarmer enjoys is decimated by the robot’s stupidity in a classic chalk and cheese comedy double-act.

2 min

Terminus Presents: Henchmen

Writer/Director: Yvonne McDowell; Producers: Brandon Ley, Yvonne McDowell.

Terminus Presents: Henchmen attempts to re-imagine the comic book genre from the perspective of the people merely seen in passing in standard comics. Rob and Tim are two slackers who stumbled onto jobs as henchmen for their city’s notorious crime boss, Erin O’Reilly. Their faith and loyalties are tested as they are sent on a mission to retrieve an amulet for the murderess.

Rob and Tim encounter death and violence while on their mission. They also incur the wrath of The Stalker, the city’s vigilante superhero and Erin’s biggest enemy. The center of the film is a character study about two guys stuck in a low level job in an extraordinary universe. It is the pilot of a series that uncovers many things brewing beneath the surface of one city.

16 min

Iron Bird

Writer: Matty Limpus; Producer: Jocelyn Quioc; Director: Chris Richards-Scully

Iron Bird takes us on one of the most destructive missions of WWII, the bombing of Dresden, circa February 1945. For a young Australian Lancaster bomber crew it’s another dangerous mission, but for Flight Sgt. JP Harmer it is a personal vendetta.

As the seven young men battle for survival in the night skies over Germany, a mysterious presence surrounds them, propelling them towards an outcome that would change their lives forever. Driven by his thirst for revenge, will JP find humility and forgiveness before it’s too late?
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28 min