Hide N Seek

Written/Directed/Produced by Hanuk Lee

Written/Directed/Produced by Hanuk Lee

Mi-young is playing hide-and-seek with a doll. Oh-geon lives hiding his dark history. And Min-su follows Oh-geon on a course to revenge. The destiny of these three becomes entwined, and their story begins. Some people never repent their sins. But what happens when the attacker becomes the victim?

49 min


Producer/Director: Hyojong Chun

Three sprinters compete to win in a race. Each player has a different motivation for success, and those motivations deliver completely different results. The animation Race is a story about life, and the race within the film is used as a metaphor. The sprinters run to win, but cannot see what is beyond the success of their accomplishment. It is a fable stating that it is more important to live with the right vision and direction than to live obsessed with only speed.

7 min