Writers: Ryan Spindell, Bradford Douglas Hodgson; Producer: T. Justin Ross; Director: Ryan Spindell.

In the deep south of 1960’s Florida, down canopy roads, amongst blooming live oaks, rests a quiet place of healing. Kirksdale Hospital, a decaying mental asylum, provides patients with a calm environment to ease their inner turmoil. At least on the surface.

When a tormented mental patient escapes the facility, Molly Walker a misunderstood teenage girl, and Darryl Pearl, a lecherous sheriff’s deputy, must face their inner demons in a fight for their sanity and their lives.

22 min

By Appointment Only

Writer/Director: John Faust; Producer: Robert Stark, John Faust.

Jane is in search of a new life when her car breaks down in a small, desert town. To make her appointment to see an old house for sale, Jane gets a lift from a local man, Lyle. But, when the two get to know each other, the cliché of the horror movie takes a back seat. After Lyle turns on Jane, strangely an acquaintance arrives from Jane’s earlier travels to reveal a dark, supernatural secret. This small town Jane has stumbled into has more going on than meets the eye. But just when you think you have it all figured out, you too will learn how buying a house can kill you.

20 min

Paint Shaker

Writers: Jon Niccum, Jai Nitz; Producers: Ryan Jones, Jon Niccum, Josh Robison, Patrick Rea; Director: Patrick Rea.

Thompson needs to find somebody to work his Saturday shift at the hardware store. But his fellow employees aren’t exactly coming to his aid, and the store is short staffed ever since his jerkwad boss Gary fired the underperforming Chuck. When the disgruntled and well-armed Chuck returns for revenge, Thompson and his callous co-worker Hannah get caught in the middle of the rampage. Gary locks himself in a storeroom while Chuck attempts to extricate the frightened manager. Once bullets start to fly, things don’t quite work out the way everybody had hoped. Or do they?

15 min