Writer/Producer/Director: Peter Podgursky

A childless alien couple just want a baby.  Looking over all the possibilities, they choose a handsome astronaut to be their unknowing surrogate. The female makes herself look human and goes to him. But his romantic human ways sparks more than her maternal instincts.  This is a love triangle that can’t end well.

6 min

Sound Of Slyness

Writer: Diane Ruggiero; Producer: Darya Danesh, Freeman White; Director: Mikki Willis

Marty comes home to find his wife, Vivian…distracted.  She had hired a private investigator to spy on him.  Now she has the evidence of his philandering. When confronted by audio surveillance of he and his mistress, Marty resorts to “creative storytelling” as an attempt to explain.

10 min

Robots Are Blue

Writers: Biill Sebastian, Toby Halbrooks; Producer: Bill Sebastian, Toby Halbrooks; Director: Bill Sebastian

Complete with mindless humanoids and talking cats, Robots Are Blue is an absurd comedy about life in the future. In 2029, robots live and work among humans. Tensions rise at the workplace when John (a robot) writes Tom a poem for his birthday. Tom tries to silence his ‘worker’ before he is discovered and reprogrammed. When upper management gets wind of the situation, Tom must decide whether to expose himself as a sympathizer or live in an oppressive work environment under the cloak of secrecy.
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8 min

The Resurrectionist

Writer/Director: Susan Bell; Producer: Ben Kim

In 1847 in the Deep South, a lowly gravedigger, Fredrick, struggles to provide for his family. At the urging of his wife, Elizabeth, Fredrick steals a recently buried corpse to sell to the local medical college for anatomy study. Setting off in his horse-drawn wagon on a journey through the dark woods, Fredrick quickly realizes that the dead man has other plans. Terrorized by supernatural happenings, Fredrick is at the mercy of an angry ghost as it reveals its chilling story. And the nightmare won’t stop until retribution is found.
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15 min

Reign Of The Fallen

Writer: David McLeavy; Producer: Jon Wang; Director: David McLeavy

In the times since great wars laid waste to Prias, its people have learned to embrace a simple life, away from the perils of technology and war. As the mighty Sith army spreads across the galaxy, subjugating every planet in its path, all the people of Prias can do is wait, their world protected by an energy shield held in place by ancient towers. While the people wait in fear, one Jedi trained by Master Oram Bren will be chosen to be the future leader of Prias, a title decided by a vote of the entire population of the planet. But little do they know that one Jedi’s dark secret could spell their doom.
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59 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Bivas Biswas

Trapped in a world inundated with heartache, David is forced to find the truth about his lost love. Flashes of what happened on the night of her death haunt him. David must push past his fear to understand the dark details of her untimely death. While caught in a cycle of confusion, he wonders if the visions are real, self induced, or clues to finding the truth. He is soon faced with the fact that he may be on the road to insanity. Is it love or guilt that visits him in the night? Is his deceased wife, the only one to turn to for answers? Will he be able to understand what is happening to him? David will eventually stumble upon the Reason.
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3 min

Raven Gets a Life

Writer: Devi Snively; Producer: Agustin Fuentes; Director: Devi Snively

When a 150-year old vampire, trapped in the body of a 12-year-old girl, is diagnosed with manic depression, she seeks solace from prescription drugs, Bela Lugosi and the Grim Reaper.

9 min

Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills and Painted Nightmares

Writer/Producer/Director: Jamie McDonald

Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares brings the lost art of pulp fiction magazines back to life. It tells the story of the unique art form the pulps unleashed on depression-era America. Pulp publishers had to work especially hard to get cash strapped Americans to buy their magazines. Therefore the covers were bold, audacious, and at times, controversial.  This documentary includes an exclusive look at the world’s largest pulp art collection, and interviews with some of the very few pulp artists still living.

59 min

Pitching Lucas

Writer: Shane Felux, Peter Robinbson; Producer/Director: Shane Felux

While working on his new Star Wars television series, George Lucas finds himself interrupted by Studio corporate execs who think they know better than the creator himself how his show should go. The execs find that pitching Lucas might not be as good idea an idea as they think, and not all ideas are good ones.
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8 min


Writer: Jeff Seidman; Producer: Mike Flanagan, Jeff Seidman; Director: Mike Flanagan

Twenty two years ago, Tim Russel’s father committed a horrible crime, leaving him orphaned. But Tim believed his father wasn’t responsible for the acts of violence—he thought it had more to do with the strange antique mirror that hung in his father’s office. He’s tracked that mirror through history, learning it’s awful past. He has the case files, he has his theories, he knows what he witnessed as a child… but none of it means anything without proof.

Considering every contingency, he is determined to prove and document the mirror’s horrifying abilities. But what he sees and hears in that room could cost him his sanity—or his life.
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32 min


Writer/Director: Bryan Larson; Producers: Bryan Larson, Troy McCormick

An aimless nomad, wandering through the desert, comes across a cliff side where he suddenly finds himself faced with a fortune and a question. The question: “When is enough, enough?” Created as a student film by two recent graduates from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, this computer animated dark fable shows how one man’s greed can become another man’s salvation.

4 min

Miss Perfect

Writer/Director: Gary DeJidas; Producer: Katharine Leis

Valerie has it all. Looks, talent, intelligence, and a brand new contract as the Essence of Chicken Fragrance model. What more could a girl want? Problem is, her best friend Charlotte, and ex-boyfriend Jeremy become more angry the better her life gets. A tale of opportunity, envy, and reality.

17 min


Writer: Seth Talley; Producer: Clint Otteson; Director: David Sanders

Eniko has been orbiting the moon for far too long. She is fatigued from endless maintenance of her aging capsule, plagued by nightmares of explosive decompression and separated by her friend and fellow astronaut Claude by the unforgiving vastness of space. When a malfunction forces her to perform a spacewalk, Eniko must pit her wits, her training, and her will to live against the fatal certainty of cold, hard vacuum.

The culmination of four years of effort, Microgravity presents a thinking man’s nightmare.
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12 min

Mercury Inspection

Writer/Producer/Director: Lesley Wisley

The time has come, and today is inspection day in the factory. Before packaging and shipping, every thermometer must be tested to make sure that they function properly and that their mercury rises. As the metal doors open and the belts begin to move, thermometers flood out in single file into the testing room. They march up to their inspection platforms, the meter lights turn on, and they await the moment that their fate will be revealed.

3 min

The Masque of Ollock

Writer/Producer/Director: Robert Kauffmann

This animated horror-fantasy film uses delicately rendered black-and-white images and dark atmospheric music to evoke a mood of impending doom that hangs upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of a medieval castle who do not realize that sometimes, the dead are but lightly sleeping.

Related in this short but spellbinding film is the tale of the disembodied head of a fallen mage which haunts a king and his household in their own castle.
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8 min

The Key

Writer/Producer/Director: Micah Moore

In a war torn future, two lovers are captured by a fascist military force. Now one of them must escape his chains and fight through an army to save the woman he loves. But time is running out. Emotional storytelling by Micah Moore and slick visuals by Will Stroud combine with exciting martial arts action by Matthew Sumner and Brian Lee to make The Key a brutal beautiful love story.

10 min


Writer/Director: Jesse Wheeler; Producer: Chloe Aftel, Jesse Wheeler, Stephanie Kwong

Idealistic attorney Eddie Winkle only wants to do what’s right…even if it means convincing himself that his scumbag clients are actually innocent! But even Eddie can’t deceive himself about his newest client, Lou Tanner, an aging lowlife facing Murder One for beating a crossing guard to death. When his delusions finally catch up to him, Eddie must find a way to do what’s right before his conscience rips him apart.

But what exactly does doing what’s “right” mean to someone who can convince himself of anything?  Starring William Windom.

16 min

The Injured StormTrooper

Writer/Producer/Director: Brian Finifter

We’ve all watched Star Wars.  A lot.  And we’ve all marveled at how quickly and easily storm troopers die.  So, it’s no surprise that storm troopers are at a loss when one of their own is injured, but not killed, in a run-of-the-mill firefight. With no precedent, they attempt to deal with the situation as best they can… which is to say, not very well.
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3 min


Writer: Ahmad Charif; Producer/Director: Moe Charif

Emily wakes up to find herself in the middle of nowhere, chased by a group of lunatics for reasons beyond her comprehension.  But her instincts kick in, and she fights to survive as she tries to make sense of the mess she has stumbled into. Hunted was first written with the intent to capture some of societies flaws, we live in a world today where many people in positions of authority become corrupted and drunk with power, that all barriers come crashing down, and moralities and values are nothing but a distant memory.

21 min

Hombre Kabuki

Producer: Cary Becker; Director: Leo Age

Love, lust and lucha libre.

Thomas and Vivvy appear to be a happily married couple. But the spark has begun to fade. It’s hard to keep the passion.  So Thomas brings home a Mexican wrestling mask, to spice things up. But the game turns out to be very different than he expected: duping, disguise, and a ménage a trois with luchador.
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10 min