The Neighborly Thing

Producer/Director: Samantha Light; Writer: Michael Simon

A chilling tale about a man’s overzealous obsession with his upstairs neighbor. When the man encounters a young street-couple inhabiting his neighbor’s house, his territory is threatened. He intrudes himself on them causing an imminent, and possibly deadly, confrontation.

11 min


Producer/Director/Writer: Jimmy Sariya

At motels, strangers come and go. Sometimes bad things happen and they, forever, remain behind closed doors.

After the dark storm dies, Mary, a lost soul, checks into room 208. Unrest is born as her life crosses with Jessica’s. Soon after, anyone who enters 208 will discover why…

14 min

Zombie Skunk Ghouls Preview

Producer/Director: Mark Smith

Deadbeat Skunk types his first screenplay overnight, a sci-fi/horror story entitled Zombie Skunk Ghouls of Deadly Doom (From Beyond). His friend Sezquatch reads the first draft aloud, and is left speechless. Little do Deadbeat’s friends, Girth Grizzly and Thurman Q. Porcupine realize, the script is about to be purchased by a struggling Hollywood studio.

3 min

Alone and Inhuman

Writers/Producers: Andrew Fisher, Leonid Mandel; Director: Leonid Mandel

Alone and Inhuman is part horror flick, part absurdist comedy, and part fable. It tells the story of an evil farmer who raises puppets for their feces and then sells it as a date rape drug. It’s your basic Puppetshit redemption tale.

When the evil farmer tosses a freshly dead puppet into his wood chipper the proverbial straw breaks the pachyderm’s spine and Scuttlebutt (leader of the puppets) is forced to take action. He pleads his fellow captives to follow him into battle against the man who has enslaved them.
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13 min


Writer: Benjamin Sztajnkrycer; Producer: Marc Ferrero; Director: Peter Sullivan

When a mysterious package ends up in the hands of a feared terrorist, the fate of the entire city of Los Angeles rests in the hands of just one man, special agent Jack Dour. Now Jack and his partner, Soulpatch, have just seven minutes to find a secret warehouse and save the world. Good thing they brought the Jack Sack.

11 min

Hector Corp.

Writer/Director: Gary H. Lee; Producer: Luke E. Watson.

A thriller about a company, Hector Corporation, that must take extreme measures to manage their employees with unexpected executioners. Our righteous hero, Victor, takes us through his experience and shows how justice prevails in the end.

10 min

A Giant Mistake

Writer/Director/Producer: Michael Ricca

A man drunkenly mistakes a loud and obnoxious giant for a loud and obnoxious baby, then tries to do some thing about it. With his friends at his back and delusions of grandeur ahead of him he pops his caller and steps up to taunt the loud hulk…and gets results…DO NOT TAUNT A GIANT!

4 min

Frantic Undead

Writer/Director/Producer: Maxwell O. Perry.

Ethyl, Cassie, Henry and Bob join together for a toast at a recently departed friend’s house on the outskirts of town. Little do they know, the moonshine they share is cursed and they may soon become “food for the dead.” Can anyone escape their doomed fate?

Frantic Undead combines cel and motion-comic style animation in both a satire and a homage to classic horror films.

12 min

First Kill

Writer/Director: Micah Ranum; Producer: Alicia G. Dean.

For everything, there is a first. Rayburn, a reluctant contract killer, is sent on a job with his brutal mentor, James. Isolated in an unforgiving wilderness, the men face their own mortality after the messy hit is photographed by a hunter’s camera. Rayburn anxiously waits near the camera with a simple objective: kill the owner and destroy the camera. But things take a surprising turn when Rayburn meets the owner of the camera.

16 min


Writer/Director: Richard Bates; Producer: Topper Anton.

A neglected teen takes refuge in the dreams that used to haunt her and orchestrates a shocking plan to prove her worth to her disapproving parents.

18 min


Writer/Director: Matt & Jason Shumway; Producer: Jason Shumway.

The people of earth are in a time of crisis. They are waging war against a far superior opponent, an alien race called the Cnidarians. After a bloody assault on a military ship, USSM special forces were able to capture their first Cnidarian prisoner, code named 71099, but commonly known throughout the fleet as Ediolon, the Phantom. Realizing that a military transport would be too obvious of a target to their enemy, the USSM enlisted the freelance ship Genesis, commanded by Nathaniel J Rhys to secretly transport the prisoner to the high security prison located on Mars’ moon Demos.

The ship never arrived. General Rothman immediately launches an investigation team, and is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery, for one of the dead was his niece, Kyleigh. He will not let her death be in vain. Even with all its efforts, what happened on this voyage is unclear to the investigation team. All are dead, but how, and why? Has earth lost its chance take an advantage in their losing war? Watch closely and see if you can discover the enigma of this doomed mission.

41 min

Death In Charge

Writer/Director: Devi Snively; Producers: Greg Reeves, Heather Smith.

Don’t tell Mom the babysitter’s Death…When violent media, handguns and nihilism are ubiquitous, who fears the Reaper? In the tradition of E.C. Horror Comics, this cautionary tale examines life through the eyes of Death who gets derailed when an impatient single Mom carelessly mistakes the scythe-carrying cloaked one for her tardy babysitter and leaves Death to care for her precocious 9-year-old daughter for the evening. Whitney teaches Death about life’s many marvels through violent video games, macaroni & cheese, and the magic of Sea Munkees. But when Whitney reveals some dark tendencies of her own, it’s up to Death to lighten things up before returning to the grim duties that lie in wait?

15 min

That’s Magic!

Writers: Brandon McCormick, Charlie Wetzel; Director/Producer: Brandon McCormick.

That’s Magic! follows a disillusioned magician who seeks his own answer to find what is ‘magic’ in the world around him.

15 min

A Conscience Will Kill You

Writer/Director: Salvatore Lumetta; Producers: Steve Groff, Salvatore Lumetta.

A wife’s assumed infidelity and a killer’s bout of conscience, lead to a husband’s vengeance, a romantic interlude and a hit man’s untimely demise, in this homage to Italian sex comedies.

9 min

Clowns Vs. Ninjas

Writer/Director: David Brocca; Producer: Albert Brocca.

A Japanese warlord has grown bored with the usual mayhem and murder. Craving a different form of twisted fun he orders his thugs to organize the ultimate bloody battle—a troop of unsuspecting clowns versus a pair of ninja assassins.

9 min

Chroma Chameleon

Writers: Marc Adler, Scott Biear; Director: Warren Grubb, Marc Adler; Producer: Marc Adler.

Chameleons don’t just dance, they “chrome”—an explosive combination of crazy moves with wild bursts of color changing. A timid chameleon, named Hue, has dreamed of dancing with the other chameleons since he was knee-high to a newt, but he can’t change colors. When Hue attends a dance party, he finds himself unexpectedly thrown on stage, his shortcomings exposed to all.

4 min

Cheap Date

Writer/Director/Producer: Mike Bell.

Intimate moments are difficult when you have roommates.

Cheap Date was written for The Runties, a traveling puppet show that toured with Lallapalooza in 1993.

6 min


Writer/Director/Producer: Duong Tran.

65 million years ago, forces of good and evil waged a galactic battle in a struggle for nuclear power. When a nuclear device finds its way to prehistoric earth, a cataclysmic event will change history forever.

7 min


Writer/Director: Michael David Lynch; Producer: Michael David Lynch, John Bosher.

Ordered to evacuate Earth on the eve of an Alien invasion, a lone “Hero” named Calik must decide between his sworn duty to flee, or defy his instructions, and battle the imminent threat and attempt to save our world.

10 min