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Revisiting The Interview Process at Dragon Con
Written By: Samm Douglas - Jul• 23•13


Would you like to arrange an interview with a guest at Dragon Con?  Well, we have important updates that we want to share with you. 

Onsite Interview Process

If you want to arrange interviews with guests at Dragon Con, then please read the Interview Request section of the Dragon Con Media Relations website. Do it now, we will wait. It’s important.


Why is it important? 

We at Dragon Con Media Relations have worked over the past few years with the agents representing guests at Dragon Con to develop a streamlined interview request process. Our goal has been a system that allows the maximum number of interviews for the maximum number of reporters. To do this, we needed a streamlined process, and the process we now have works. Indeed, the consensus from the agents is they want interview requests to come through our Interview Request Process.

If you are a reporter at Dragon Con, please use this process. Avoid contacting agents directly, as the agents are bouncing requests back to us right now. Then we contact individual reporters to remind them to read the website and start the process over. Also, in some cases reporters have reached out to the guest’s theatrical agent, which is not involved with convention activity at all.

Interviewing Guests, Directors, or Dragon Con Media Director Prior To Dragon Con

If you would like to be considered for interviews with guests, Dragon Con directors or Dragon Con spokesman and Media Relations Director Dan Carroll prior to Dragon Con, please send an email to mediarelations@dragoncon.org with the subject: August Interview Requests.  We recommend email or telephone/skype interviews.

  • Guests: We are working with agents to determine which Dragon Con guests will be available for interviews before the convention. We do not know who will be included in these interviews.  Guest interviews will be reserved for major media outlets in most cases, but if you have a specific genre representation, it would improve your chances of an interview.
  • Dragon Con Directors: Please list the directors you would like us to contact for you. You can list them by name or by track.  If your outlet is tied to a particular genre, this will increase your chance of securing an interview.
  • Dragon Con Media Relations Director Dan Carroll: If you are in Metro Atlanta, you can request a face to face/video interview or on-air broadcast interview with Dan. If you live outside of Atlanta you can request a Skype or email interview.

What if I was not approved for interviews? 

It is possible that you have not been approved for the Interview Request Process because of the nature or size of your outlet. As Dragon Con grows, we allow more media to cover the convention.  We have reviewed past interview requests and worked with agents to determine concrete criteria. We use a number of factors to determine if an outlet is authorized for interviews, including Google score, quality of past reporting, reputation, distribution, and type of outlet.

If you have been notified you are approved for the Interview Request Process, you can still arrange interviews on site and work with the interview room to determine if space is available for an interview at Dragon Con.

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