Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 3 – September, 7 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Xtrack
Written By: Samm Douglas - Jun• 10•14


If you are convinced Area 51 is part of a massive cover-up to keep the public ignorant of alien activity; if you think the monsters under the bed are real and there are agents out there who hunt them; if you think DARPA knows more than it’s saying…then XTrack is for you!  From secret government agencies like in Fringe or Warehouse 13 to groups of rogue monster hunters like in Supernatural, XTrack Director Leigh Bennett-Connor and her team bring it all to fans at Dragon Con.

Dragon Con is proud to present to fans Warehouse 13’s Eddie McClintock, Allison Scagliotti, and Saul Rubinek! Several government- (agents) affiliated professionals are joining Dragon Con as well: author and lecturer on future technologies, space, and national security, Nick Eftimiades; NASA scientist Les Johnson; entrepreneurial engineer A.C. Charania; and NASA scientist and engineer Dr. Sarah Milkovich.

For more information, visit the XTrack website!

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