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August, 30 – September, 3 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Alternate History
Written By: Samm Douglas - Jun• 12•14



It hearkens back to a time when items were crafted as art, prim and proper was the norm, and wonder lay around every street corner.  It also embraces dystopian futures full of survivalists, corporate cyberpunks, and megacorp skylines. It’s the Alternate History Track!

Led by Enrique Velazquez, better known as Doctor Q, the Alternate History Track explores “what if” versions of history that are vastly different from our reality.  The team and fans of the Alternate History track blend what was with what might have been to create steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, retrofuturism, dystopian futurism, and the artisans, mechanics, inventors, explorers, hackers, and adventurers that populate these alternate worlds.

This year, Dragon Con is pleased to present to fans authors Harry Turtledove, Kevin J. Anderson, Delilah S. Dawson, Clay and Susan Griffith, Emilie P. Bush, and Cherie Priest. Other guests include podcasters Lady Attercop and The Clockwork Cabaret host Miss Emma Davenport. Retro-futurism expert Anthony Taylor will also be joining us this year.

For more information see The Alternate History Track Website!

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