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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Animation
Written By: Samm Douglas - Jun• 14•14



The Animation Track features animation from Disney Princesses to The Venture Brothers. and everything in between. From movies to games and television, the Animation Track celebrates animation. Their panels give you a chance to meet the talent behind popular animations and a peek into the business of animation.

This year, Director Jess Merriman is pleased to welcome Bill Farmer, the voice of Goofy and Pluto; James Urbaniak, the voice of Dr. Thaddeus Venture of The Venture Bros.; Dana Snyder, the voice of Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s “Master Shake”; prolific voice actor Kyle Hebert; Alisa Stern, creator of the web series Doctor Puppet; and many others.

The Animation Track and the Anime/Manga Track will co-host their annual Costume Contest during Dragon Con 2014. Look for TOON in your program.


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