Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 3 – September, 7 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Filk Track
Written By: Media Relations Team - Jun• 20•14

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What is Filk? It is fantasy world- and genre-inspired music, composition, and appreciation. Whether you’re a Browncoat or a Harry Potter fan, a Wrock, a Trock, or a fan of Celtic music, the Filk Track has got something for you! The Filk Track brings to you panels, games, podcasts, performances and more during Dragon Con 2014.

Filk Track Director Robby Hilliard and the Filk Track team are pleased to present to fans Celtic Filk band The Brobdingnagian Bards; dark faerie Celtic band Pandora Celtica; Time Lord rock band The Ken Spivey Band; wizard rock and Harry Potter filk band The Blibbering Humdingers; Mikey Mason; The Gekkos; and more!

For updates and more information, visit the Filk Track website.

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