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August, 30 – September, 3 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Electronic Frontiers Forums
Written By: Media Relations Team - Jun• 12•15

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The Internet is a big place, but more importantly, it’s a place where you can be free to do as you wish without fear of interference or surveillance. Or can you?

The Electronic Frontiers Forums Track, under the direction of Scott Jones, brings you panels, guests and professionals to discuss topics such as intellectual property, copyright law, online activism, privacy, security, freedom of expression, online publishing, marketing, even gaming.

Some of this year’s guests include Senior Staff Attorney at Public Knowledge, John D. Bergmayer; Kit Walsh, Dave Maass, and Nadia Kayyali of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; BitPay Senior Software Engineer, Gordon L. Hall; and more.

Check out EFF’s website for more information.

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