Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
The Dragon Con Media Relations Application for 2018 is now open.
Written By: Samm Douglas - Mar• 15•18

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Consider the following while completing your application:

  • Dragon Con is a Fan Convention that provides reporters and photojournalists an opportunity to cover the event and provide interesting content to their readers and viewers.
  • We have a limited number of media badges available, and each reporter will be verified and approved based on criteria including:
    • Distribution/Reach
    • Quality
    • Appropriateness
  • We do not normally provide access to outlets that focus on comedy, have low distribution/followership, or normally cover an area that is not inline with Dragon Con activities.
  • Each reporter who applies needs to have a unique email address
  • It is possible that your fan run outlet will not be approved for all the members who apply
  • Each outlet that applies must be able to prove coverage to return in 2019
  • Please ensure your 2017 coverage (if applicable) has been logged in our database:
  • Contact Media Relations via email at media relations [@] DragonCon.org with questions.

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