Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DCMR Badge Pick-up Agreements for 2018
Written By: Samm Douglas - Jun• 11•18

All reporters who will pick up their badges will need to agree to the following in 2018.

  • By agreement with guests and agents, guest interviews are invitation only and schedule prior to Dragon Con 2018.
  • Soliciting interviews with guests during the convention is prohibited.
  • Reporting or photography cannot create unsafe conditions or impede traffic flow, especially in the connecting tunnels between hotels or other hallways.
  • Tripods, standing lights, or setting up a “remote studio” in convention spaces are not allowed without the expressed written consent of the media relations director and an escort from DCMR.
  • Photography and video recording are not allowed in:
    • The Artist Alley (No exceptions)
    • The Walk of Fame (No exceptions)
  • Photography and video recording are only allowed in these areas with prior permission:
    • The Comic and Pop Art Alley
    • The Dealers Room
  • All Dragon Con Attendees, including reporters, must wear their badges at all times.
  • Media are not allowed to visit the staging area of costume related events including the parade, the Masquerade, or any other costuming event.
  • Media passes do not provide head-of-line privileges or special seating in auditoriums.
    • Impolitely demanding head-of-line privileges could result in revocation of your badge.
  • You agree to be on this mailing list until September 2019. At that point, you will be automatically removed.  You don’t have to read our email, but you agree to receive it.
  • While we appreciate that you may report with a lighter side and humor, being disrespectful to our guests or using your press pass to create cruel humor or intentionally insulting coverage of our attendees will not be tolerated.

Dragon Con invites reporters to enjoy and celebrate fandom, fans, and the amazing energy that exists at Dragon Con. We expect a level of professionalism and ask you to be courteous to volunteers and guests. We have a limited number of badges at Dragon Con each year for reporters and remind everyone that our number of requests for media access goes up each year.

Think closely before accepting a badge if you feel you cannot comply with these rules. The penalty for violation of these rules or for gross unprofessional behavior will be the confiscation of your badge. In some cases, offenses can result in your outlet being denied media access in the future.

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