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2018 Interview Requests are Now OPEN!
Written By: Samm Urbaytis-Douglas - Jul• 05•18

One topic the Media Relations Team is asked about most is interviews.

Can reporters do interviews at Dragon Con?
Can we interview Dragon Con’s guests?
How do we request interviews?
Can we talk to a Dragon Con representative like Dan Carroll or a Track Director?
Is there a quiet place for us to conduct interviews?

The answer to ALL of those questions is YES.

All reporters approved for Media Access are welcome to interviews with Dragon Con’s phenomenal array of comics, literary, art, and science guests. Dragon Con’s guests are well known in their fields and many are happy to speak to reporters about their work. Reporters may submit a maximum of ten (10) requests in this category.

Interviews with Dragon Con’s guests appearing in the Walk of Fame (actors/directors/voice-over artists) are by invitation only. Eligible outlets will receive an invitation via e-mail with the necessary information to request interviews with Walk of Fame guests. Reporters may submit a maximum of ten (10) requests in this category.

Prior to the Con, many of Dragon Con’s Track Directors are available for interviews. This is a great opportunity to get an inside look at what it’s like to help run one of the world’s largest conventions. Due to their busy schedules, Dragon Con Track Directors will not be available for interviews during the convention. We encourage reporters to request pre-convention interviews with Dragon Con Track Directors.

Dragon Con’s very own Dan Carroll is also available for interviews before and during the convention. If you want to know the history of Dragon Con, who we are, and what we do, Dan is the man you want to speak with.

To find more information about interviews at Dragon Con and to request interviews, visit the INTERVIEWS page.

If you have any questions regarding interviews, please send an e-mail to interviews@dragoncon.org

* Due to the growth of Dragon Con, we must insist reporters refrain from asking authors or celebrity guests for interviews at Dragon Con.  All agents and guests have agreed to coordinate interviews through the Dragon Con Media Relations office. (Reporters violating this policy may have their badges revoked by Media Relations).

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