Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Message to Dragon Con 2017 Reporters!
Written By: Samm Douglas - Jul• 14•18

Good Morning! First some notes about this note:

  • This message is for all pre-approved reporters for Dragon Con 2017.
  • If you have applied already, please ignore the parts about application.
  • By accepting a Dragon Con media badge you agree to receive emails from DCMR for one year. You will be automatically removed from our our email list on September 1, 2018.
  • Dragon Con media access requests have increase nearly 70% over last year, but our authorized badges can only increase by 20% This means we are more rigorous in our screening.
    • Unfortunately this means that some smaller outlets that have covered Dragon Con in the past may not be approved.
    • Additionally, outlets that request 3 badges for reporters may get 1 or 2.
  • We all want to get past the admin process and get to the fun part of covering and celebrating Dragon Con, and we sure you agree.
Apply for Media Access in 2018:
If you have applied, ignore this section. 
If you have not applied for Media Access, please consider doing so soon. We have been looking
at an very unexpected increase of applications (68% over 2017), but we can not accommodate more than a 20% increase in approved badges.  Preference will be given to local Atlanta Broadcast Media, nationally significant distribution, and large genre media with following in the millions.  If you are a smaller outlet, please ensure your application is completed in the next two weeks to ensure the best chances of approval.
Each reporter needs to apply for a badge:
If you list additional team members they each need to apply. If they do not apply, they can not be approved onsite.
Reporting Coverage for Dragon Con 2017 
If you have reported your coverage for Dragon Con 2017, ignore this section. 
Dragon Con 2017 coverage was due via the web form on Mar 15, 2018.  We have a one weekend amnesty going on right now!
If you don’t know if your submitted your coverage, we got you covered.
The outlets that have reported coverage are listed on this page. Please check if your name is on it (I updated it this morning)/

Amnesty is on until sunrise Monday in Atlanta. After that the doors are closed.
Walk of Fame Guests: 
If you are invited to interview Walk of Guests, you will be provided a url and a password to request these interviews. If you are not provided this URL and password you can not interview Walk of Fame Guests. This is done by arrangement with guests and agents, and reporters trying to by pass this process will not be allowed back to Dragon Con with media access. And the agents do report to us when this occurs.
Non-Walk of Fame Guests (Writers/artists/etc) 
All approved reporters can request up to 10 Other Guests.  Consider wisely and may the odds be ever in your favor:
Interview a Dragon Con Director
Dragon Con Spokesperson Dan Carroll is available before or during the convention. Other directors are only available prior to the convention. Request soon to arrange an interview.

To Reply: 
To reply to this email, forward it to mediarelations@dragoncon.org and change the subject of the email.  Please enter your outlet name, and the topic you would like to discuss. Examples would be:
  • Weekly World News – Batboy appearances
  • Daily Planet – Janitor closets or phone booths?
  • WJM TV – Need to replace reporter Ted Baxter

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