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September, 3 – September, 7 Atlanta, GA
Featured Tracks: Animation & Anime/Manga 2019
Written By: Media Relations Team - May• 14•19

Whether their childhood Saturday mornings involved the works of Hanna Barbera, Disney, Studio Ghibli, or Studio Bones, Dragon Con’s Animation and Anime/Manga Tracks welcome fans to explore and celebrate everything cartoons.

Click below to learn more about Dragon Con’s Animation Track and Anime/Manga Track.


Animation Track

Cartoons cartoons cartoons! Animation’s influence shaped art across the world for over a generation and the DragonCon Animation Track invites fans to take a step through it. This track welcomes writers, voice actors, and other animation professionals to give fans the rundown on this complex business, in the US, and around the world.

The Animation Track also welcomes back the annual Cosplay Contest, hosted jointly with the Anime/Manga track, featuring some top-notch costumes from animated TV, movies, and games around the globe. Fans line up early to view the best of the best-recreated anime/animation cosplays!

Animation Track Director: Jessica Parker

Anime/Manga Track

Japanese Animation and print-counterpart Manga’s skyrocketing popularity developed a massive following of fans worldwide over the past decade. Along with a wealth of fans, it also attracted prospective mangaka, video editors and voice actors wanting to break into the business.

The Anime-Manga Track at Dragon Con is back again as it brings the goodness that fans crave: anime viewing rooms, fan panels, industry experts, and star voice actors. It offers everything from back-of-vault classics to the latest releases from the top companies.

For more information, check out the Dragon Con Anime/Manga Track Website or Facebook Page.

Anime/Manga Track Director: Jake Tarbox

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