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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Costuming 2019
Written By: Media Relations Team - Jun• 11•19

The Dragon Con Costuming track considers itself “the cooking show of costuming; the HGTV of DC.” This track crafts four jam-packed days of DIY for the costumer in everyone, no matter the attendee’s skill level, area of costuming interests, or favorite fandom genre.

The sewing crowd can enjoy panels on patterning, “frankensteining,” draping, and drafting. While aspiring prop-builders have plenty of sculpting, casting, fabricating and electronics panels to satisfy their maker cravings.

Attendees can then show off their work at the craftsmanship-oriented Friday Night Costume Contest. Or they can put their costuming skills to the last minute “MacGyver” test at the hilariously campy Project Cosplay competition. Fans of Game Show Network’s Skin Wars will also love the Costuming track’s Body Art Challenge where up to 10 experienced body paint artists race the clock to complete a fantastic look – often in the wildest manner possible.

For updates on Dragon Con’s Costuming Track, check out its Website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account.

Director: Lee Cox

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