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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Featured Tracks: Fantasy Literature & Science-Fiction Literature 2019
Written By: Media Relations Team - Jun• 13•19

Dragon Con’s  Fantasy Literature Track and Science-Fiction Literature track celebrate the written works that transport fans to other and outer worlds.

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Fantasy Literature Track

Dragon Con’s Fantasy Literature track offers fans of the written work a place to talk about their favorite, to ask questions of authors, to learn some of the history of the genre, and to throw seriousness out the window and play games connected to the stuff fans love to read. Publishers will continue to give fans enticing views of things they MUST have on their bookshelves, and fans will continue to disagree over what makes it real fantasy literature.

Nothing transports fans to other worlds like a beautifully woven story—and there are no worlds that call to us like the ones in fantasy literature. The Fantasy Literature Track celebrates the lush and light, the dark and dangerous, the poetry and prose of realms beyond most people’s imagining. During the convention, fans will sing the songs, explore the art, wrangle the creatures, and meet the authors of the ensorcelling tales that take them away. The track’s panelists encompass professors, artists, soldiers, rocket scientists, musicians, and those who defy description. The Fantasy Literature track also welcomes challenging discussion about how modern cultural problems fit into fantasy narratives, and strives to create a safe space for readers of every type. Longtime genre nerds and burgeoning enthusiasts are all welcome.

Director: Cisca Small

Website: Click here.

Science-Fiction Literature

The Science Fiction Literature track is a place for all sci-fi fans of the written word. Their goal is to help fans learn, meet their favorite authors, and enjoy the genre with others of like minds. In this track, fans can find new writers, introduce others to their favorites, learn the nuts and bolts of science fiction stories, discuss the what and what if, debate the merits of hard science vs. space opera, play word games, and answer trivia questions.

In addition to old favorites such as Jeopardy and editorial presentations, the Science Fiction Literature track will present interviews with attending authors, discussion groups on subjects like fandom, writing and reading. The little free library returns to help the track room become a welcoming place for those who love the written word. Panelists and audience will also exchange thoughts and ideas on the field, discovering new favorites and revisiting old ones.

Director: Sue Phillips

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