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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Featured Tracks: Science, Skeptic, & Space 2019
Written By: Media Relations Team - Jul• 01•19

Dragon Con’s Science, Skeptic, and Space Tracks invite fans to discuss and discover the known, the unknown, and what’s possible within the natural world and beyond.

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Science Track

Dragon Con’s Science track is where science fact meets science fiction

This track is for the fans who have secretly harbored desires for global domination, wondered why in the 21st century they STILL don’t have a flying car, robot butler or ray-gun, or just are fascinated by the real-world potential of nanotechnology, genetic engineering, and cutting-edge physics.

To cater to the forever curious, Dragon Con’s Science track:

  • Tests the idea that scientists are supposed to know about every kind of science, such as making physicists answer questions about biology and biologists answer questions about chemistry.
  • Discusses what makes the seemingly supernatural in film and television either physically or biologically plausible in their Science vs. Movies panels.
  • Tackles how science informs cosplay, from fabric to metals to plastic.
  • And explores the scientifically profound and amazing through a variety of discussion panels, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive entertainment.

Whether learning about how to save or take over the world through science, fans can be prepared to have their faces blown off…only in the metaphorical “this is awesome” sense and not in the “these chemicals melt faces” sense.

Director: Stephen Granade

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Skeptic Track

The Dragon Con Skeptic Track celebrates the world of critical thought, the examination of extraordinary claims, and the promotion of good science over the vast array of supernatural and paranormal claims. They offer live entertainment, topical discussion panels, and talks for science lovers, freethinkers, and skeptics who come each year to keep the flame of critical thought alive during Dragon Con.

Director: Derek Colanduno

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Space Track

The Dragon Con Space Track brings the universe to fans who want to discover how their dreams and hopes of space could become the realities of the future.

Countless ages that humankind has looked into the heavens and wondered, “What are the lights in the sky? Why do they move and yet return the same each year?” And eventually, when will we be able to go there?

The hope of today is to continue to expand man’s knowledge of space: commercial space ventures, protecting Earth from comets and asteroids, a human presence on Mars, and finding other Earth-like planets.

The reality of tomorrow is as broad as humanity’s imagination: faster than light travel, terra-forming other planets, interacting with intelligent species from other worlds, and parallel universes. These are only a few of themes the Space Track has and continues to explore. But there is so much more.

‘Space’ today encompasses almost the full spectrum of sciences and engineering. Astronomy? Cosmology? Sending humans into space? Those are still relevant, but now there’s also AstroPhysics, Exo-Biology, Exo-Geology, specialized photography, Astro-Navigation, Aero-engineering, propulsion technology, Astro-Chemistry, human physiology, adaptive techniques for anything and everything humans need to live off the planet and the list goes on.

The scope of Space is as vast as the universe itself.

Director: Lorraine (Rain) Glynn

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