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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DCMR Podcast 3 2019: Dragon Con Media Relations Policies/YA Lit and Kids Tracks
Written By: Dan Carroll - Jul• 04•19

Welcome to this our 3rd Dragon Con Media Relations Podcast for 2019. This edition we cover two topics, one serious and one a whole lot of fun. The first portion of the podcast will cover those policies at Dragon Con that prohibit some activities for the greater good of the convention. The second portion of the podcast covers what is cool for kids to enjoy at Dragon Con.

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With the number of reporters that cover dragon con and the growth of the convention, we sit down each year and ask ourselves what is appropriate and what inappropriate behavior for media covering Dragon Con. We need to set standards to protect the convention goers, and we need to share those standards so that reporters know what is allowed and not allowed. Today we are running down the primary activities that could violate Dragon Con policies and which would most likely result in your badge being pulled.

Next we will be sharing with you all an interview we recently conducted with Dragon Con Kids Track Director Jill Madox and dragon Con young adult literature  track director Melissa Pichetto.  These tracks provide informative and entertaining panels, events, dances, and workshops for younger Dragon Con attendees.

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Dragon Con Policies

Dragon Con Young Adult Literature

Dragon Con Kids Track


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