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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DCMR Update 2019-2 (7/6)
Written By: Dan Carroll - Jul• 06•19


This is the second Dragon Con Update/Digest for Summer of 2019.  We will continue to gather and share useful information with approved reporters for Dragon Con 2019.

If there is anything you believe we should focus on, please let us know!

  • To speak to a Dragon Con Representative or to ask about what to do, see, or cover at Dragon Con, Contact Dan Carroll (dancarroll@dragoncon.org).
  • For anything related to processing and managing your media access, please contact Samm Douglas (mediarelations@dragoncon.org) .
  • Any question or comment related to guest interviews, your contact is Erin Behnke (interviews@dragoncon.org).

These updates are sent to approved reporters and the stored on the website for easy access.

Featured Tracks:

Recently we focused on a number of Dragon Con fan tracks that are reality driven, rather than media driven. Our fan tracks at Dragon Con cover a broad spectrum of interests.

New Podcast:

Out 3rd Podcast focuses on proscribed activities for approved media at Dragon Con as well as a delightful conversation with two of our directors about activities for Kids!

DCMR Podcast 3 2019: Dragon Con Media Relations Policies/YA Lit and Kids Tracks

And all of our older podcasts are archived here.

Things Reporters Should Know:

These recent posts on the website cover information that helps reporters cover Dragon Con better. Normally we focus on policies, procedures, and outreach activities.  Here are our latest posts in this category:

Press Releases

Previous Update(s):

DCMR Update 2019-1 (6/19)

What we have planned for July on the website:

  • Podcast topics include: The Parde, Comics and Pop Art Alley, Science/Space!
  • A virtual walking tour of Dragon Con Hotels!
  • A breakdown of support for podcasters at Dragon Con
  • Focus on Costuming costumes, events, activities, and etiquette

Let us know what you would like to hear!

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