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Dragon Con Reporter Email Policy
Written By: Dan Carroll - Jul• 15•19

Sometimes there are questions about the Dragon Con Media Relations email policy after the convention.  When you accept your badge from Dragon Con, you agree to a number of criteria (no impromptu guest interviews, no photography in the walk of fame, etc.), and one of those things you  agree to is to received emails from Dragon Con Media Relations for up to 1 year.  For instance if you were an approved reporter at Dragon Con 2017, we would remove you from our mailing list at the start of Dragon Con 2018.

When you pick up your badge for Dragon Con 2019, you will initial that you understand that Dragon Con will email you for one year, with the emails ending Labor Day Weekend 2020.  Normally we send out 7-10 emails to previous approved reporters.  They will focus on logging your most recent Dragon Con coverage and applying for Dragon Con in the upcoming year.  You should expect 2-3 emails in the autumn, 1 in February and up to 2 in March.  Then for reporters who have not applied for the next year, you will get 2 emails during the summer reminding you to apply. The summer emails only go to reporters who have not yet applied for the next year.

We send these emails for three reasons:

  • To remind you to log your coverage so you will be able to be approved for the next year
  • To remind you that registration opens March 15 each year and give you a chance to apply early
  • To remind  you to apply for media access before it closes because onsite registration is available only local media and does require a trip to another hotel (we are trying to save you time and energy!)

We appreciate all of our reporters efforts, and these emails are a way to main a relationship with you.

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