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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DCMR Podcast 8 2019: Interview Updates
Written By: Dan Carroll - Aug• 20•19

This week, we talk to Erin Behnke (interviews@dragoncon.org) about updates regarding interviews. This is a very short podcast and the big take away is: Interview Requests for Guests not in the Walk of Fame close on August 29! You have plenty of time to get your requests in.

Here are some of the Dragon Con Guests who will make themselves available for media interviews! (You can find out more about the at: https://www.dragoncon.org/people-to-see/guests/

Comic Creators

  • Dane Ault  
  • Andrew Aydin  
  • Mike Baron  
  • June Brigman  
  • James Burns  
  • Richard Case  
  • Mark Dos Santos
  • Stephan Franck  
  • Bryan Scott Fyffe  
  • Scott Hanna  
  • Erica Henderson
  • Georges Jeanty  
  • Ted Naifeh  
  • Zu Orzu  
  • Yanick Paquette  
  • Dan Parent  
  • Lan  Pitts  
  • Van Allen Plexico  
  • Robert Pope  
  • Benny Powell  
  • Jenna Powell  
  • Roy Richardson
  • Richard  Rivera  
  • Fabrice Sapolsky  
  • TJ Sterling  
  • Adam Withers  
  • Thomas Zahler  

Interesting Guests that are hard to categorize:

  • Cheralyn Lambeth Costume/Puppet Creator
  • Dr. Scott Edginton Science/Space
  • Gigi Edgley Actor and Musician (Farscape)
  • Jason Marsden  Voice Actor, Actor, Musician (Goofy Movie)


  • Jack  Campbell  
  • Andrew Gaska  
  • Susan & Clay Griffith  
  • Jody Lynn Nye Saturday Only!
  • Tim Waggoner  
  • Robert Sawyer  

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