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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DCMR Update 2019-4 (8/20)
Written By: Dan Carroll - Aug• 20•19

As always, we recommend you check the website (http://www.dragoncon.org/mediarelations), look at past updates on the website, and listen to the available podcasts for many of the topics you may be interested in. If you can’t find information, send us your questions! 

Hot topics: The Parade: We will be publishing a website post about the parade this week, but we want to remind  you now that we have a special area reserved for media at the corner of Peachtree and Baker along side the Hyatt Regency.  Reporters are not allowed to walk in the parade without a DCMR volunteer escorting you, and security will remove you from the parade route if they notice you. BUT…we give every reporter a chance to walk through the parade WITH an escort. Come to the reporter “corral,” and we will ensure that every reporter gets a chance to take up close and personal shots of the parade!  Details will be found on the website.  

  • Pro Tip: You do not have to sign up for this. Just show up! 

Areas where photography is prohibited: There is no photography in the Art Show at any time, photography in the Walk of Fame is only allowed when you purchase a selfie with a guest, and vendors halls and Comics and Pop Artist Alley are both prohibited. Further there is no reporter access provided for any backstage activity. Reporters are not allowed backstage at the Masquerade or any costume contest, nor are they permitted in the Parade Staging area. Pro-tip: Please respect these rules.  

  • Pro tip: We are warning you about these rules because security does enforce them, and we want to make sure you have a enjoyable Dragon Con. 

Parking: Parking is available for pre-purchase through Parking Panda! We also heavily recommend MARTA! https://www.dragoncon.org/travel/transportation/ has great details for arranging parking and using MARTA. (It’s smarta!) www.itsmarta.com

  • Pro tip: Plan for transportation. 

Interviews updates! This is new folks, so please read.  Walk of Fame (WoF) interview requests end 8/20. If you were approved for WoF interviews, you got an email with a password. You have until 11:59 PM 8/20 to make your requests. Here is the new thing: Writers, artists, scientists, and PARTICULARLY COMIC BOOK CREATORS — Those interview requests are open to all approved reporters AND REQUESTS CAN BE MADE UP TO 8/28 (August 28).  If you have not 

Afua Richardson Special Signing at Dragon Con Announced Dragon Con Comics Guest Afua Richardson is a local Atlanta comic book artist who continues to excel in her craft. Many Dragon Con attendees recognize her work from the very well loved badge she designed for Dragon Con in 2017. Alfua was recently commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to create two designs for exclusive art representing the X-Men: Dark Phoenix. These images are part of an exclusive 4K Collectors Card pack, created entirely by female artists, only available at Walmart. To celebrate these uncanny pieces of art, Alfua will be hosting a special signing Friday, August 30 3:00 PM-5:00 PM in Dragon Con’s Comic and Pop Artist Alley. “Phoenix Passes” are available for few lucky fans to skip the signing line. https://www.dragoncon.org/mediarelations/2019/08/20/afua-richardson-special-signing-at-dragon-con-announced/
The Dragon Con Media Relations Pub Crawl and Walk Through (Or whatever we are calling it this year): We started this walk-through 6 years ago as a means to get to actually know you, the reporters. The feedback we have gotten has been great. It’s a casual walk through of 2-3 of the hotels, stopping at bars along the way to discuss Dragon Con, needs of journalists, and sometimes just to talk about nerd stuff. Come join us August 28, 7PM at 22 Storys in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. You might learn some things; you are almost certain to have fun. https://www.facebook.com/events/2826001307416036/
Remember to go to our new website: http://www.dragoncon.org/mediarelations/ for lots of other news and information. If you can’t find something..let us know via email! 
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