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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
2020 Media Access Applications are OPEN
Written By: Samm Douglas - Apr• 01•20

Media Access Applications for Dragon Con 2020 are now open!

Dragon Con is a fan-run convention that invites reporters to come, explore, and report on this fascinating and inclusive event. Because we are a fan event and not a media event, Dragon Con has a limited number of media badges each year. We personally check each application to ensure that the reporter or photojournalist:

  • Works for an established outlet;
  • Currently  is engaged with that outlet;
  • Maintains an adequate distribution;
  • Creates editorial content that could be considered reporting by Dragon Con Media Relations standards; and
  • Has provided details of 2019 coverage, if the reporter is returning.

Each year we receive hundreds of applications for Media Access. As Dragon Con grows, so do we! While we would love to grant media access to all who apply, unfortunately it is not possible. Our decisions for approving media access takes into account distribution, reputation, and quality of existing work.

Some things to consider before applying as online media:

  • We do not routinely provide media access to outlets that distribute only through social media (Facebook, Twitter), unless they have a massive distribution. We will consider outlets that have over 100K followers or subscribers.
  • We do not provide media access to “Influencers” or outlets that distribute only through Instagram.
  • If you have a medium to small sized organization, it is possible that not all members of your reporting team will be approved.
  • Each reporter needs a unique email address. Please do not use the same email addresses for all reporters from your outlet.
  • We do not provide media access to outlets that focus on creating controversial satire and comedy.
  • We will not judge the results of your reporting in most cases, but will not support abusive or mocking coverage of our attendees, guests, volunteers, or leadership. Dragon Con prides itself as a safe place for our attendees and asks reporters to respect that.
  • If you are turned down for media access, you are still free to attend Dragon Con and create your own content, provided you do not block or interrupt the flow of traffic or attempt to interview Dragon Con guests.
  • If you have been declined in the past, we can still consider you if you can provide evidence of expanded growth.
  • If you represent a specific genre (gaming, Star Wars, etc), we will likely ask for input from the experts in that field including Dragon Con track directors for name recognition and reputation for quality.
  • We encourage costuming and cosplay focused media to apply early. Due to the popularity of our costuming, we usually do not approve cosplay media after mid-July.

The Application for 2020 Media Access is available by clicking on MEDIA ACCESS above.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at Dragon Con 2020!

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