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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Dragon Con Media Update 2022 #1
Written By: Dan Carroll - Jul• 28•22

Dragon Con Media Engagement welcomes you to Dragon Con 2022!  We are pleased in your interest in covering our convention and excited to see and your fellow reporters. Every week until the convention we will send you an email blast which will help you to report from Dragon Con.  We are anticipating this year’s attendance to be up 50% more than 2021, which. will still maintain enough room for social distancing.

While we have a few topics included in this email, we are open to finding out what you, as reporters, want to see in future updates.  Please contact us with your questions and concerns.


Contacting Dragon Con

Who should you contact? A general rule is that you contact mediarelations@dragoncon.org for administrative support and dancarroll@dragoncon.org for in depth information about the convention itself.

  • For questions about reporting from Dragon Con, please contact Samm Douglas (mediarelations@dragoncon.org). She supports you with badge processing and helping with the tools for navigating the convention. She and her team are your support specialist.
  • For questions about the convention itself, interviewing a Dragon Con representative, and understanding what this whole thing is about, please contact Dan Carroll (Dancarroll@dragoncon.org). He is your Dragon Con expert who is here to help you get better background on Dragon Con and find the best stories.
  • When in doubt include both Samm and Dan they will fight to be the first to answer your questions.

When you reach out to us, remember to put your name or your outlet in the subject line so we can more quickly serve you.

How To Pick Up a Media Badge at Dragon Con/Media Room Hours

Dragon Con, Atlanta’s world-famous pop culture festival, will launch on September 1 and run through September 5.  As reporters approved by Dragon Con you will be able to pick up your badge during the convention when the Media Relations Room is opened.  The Media Relations Room is located Greenbriar Room of the Hyatt Regency Hotel (265 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30303).  The room can be found on the bottom floor, “Motor Lobby Level”, of the Hyatt.  Our hours are:

  • Thursday (Sept 1): 12PM – 8 PM
  • Friday (Sept 2): 9AM – 8PM
  • Saturday (Sept 3): 9 AM – 4PM
  • Sunday (Sept 4): 10AM – 3 PM
  • Monday (Sept 5): 9AM – 1PM

Those arriving while hotel badge checks are in process will need to alert the security personnel that you are a reporter coming to pick up your badge.  There may be a delay while an escort is found to walk you down to the Media Relations Room.

Guest list update

Dragon Con has been on a roll announcing guests! This is great news, but it is sometimes hard to keep up with the announcements.  In the past two weeks we have announced a number of guests from The Flash, Stargirl, Flash Gordon, Gotham and a handful of Star Trek guests including two captains! (That’s right, one of them is William Shatner!). The guest list is too long to list in an email, so we recommend you keep up to date online at our list of featured guests:


A guest at Dragon Con is a celebrity or presenter who our attendees come to see. TV stars, writers, authors, artists, comic book creators, musicians and singers, scientists, and other creatives and experts who cover a broad array of interests.  To see the entire list of Dragon Con guests, follow this link!


Lots more after the fold!

2022 Official Charity

This year’s Dragon Con charity is Open Hand Atlanta. Open Hand’s mission is to help underserved individuals prevent or better manage chronic disease through tailored nutrition interventions, which include a variety of therapeutic meal plans as well as nutrition counseling and coaching delivered by an experienced team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.  With the dedicated support of over 14,000 volunteers, they currently prepare, pack, and deliver over 5,500 meals per day in Metro Atlanta and rural Georgia

Find more about the Dragon Con Charity:



We strongly recommend that reporters look into the good work done by the Dragon Con Charity. Interviews can be arranged prior to the convention with both Open Hand Atlanta representatives and Dragon Con Charity representatives.

We will be sharing more information about the charity as we approach the convention. Last year we raised more than $120,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta.  This year we want to break that record and help as many people as possible.


Covid notes available 8/1

Dragon Con excelled in 2021 in preventing the transmission of Covid-19. In 2022, we will again follow the wisest course of action for our attendees, guests, and volunteers.  We will be announcing our final protocols on August 1, after consultation with our partners, the CDC, and local health officials.  We anticipate that these protocols will be less rigorous than last year but will continue to provide the best and most balanced protection for the Dragon Con Family.


Walking tour announcement 

Dragon Con in the past has provided two walking events through the convention.  We will not be holding the Media Relations Pub Crawl this year but will reinstate the Friday Afternoon Reporter Walk Through.  We will have more information about time and place shortly but expect it to be sometime Friday afternoon

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