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Featured Track: Animation

  The Animation Track features animation from Disney Princesses to The Venture Brothers. and everything in between. From movies to games and television, the Animation Track celebrates animation. Their panels give you a chance to meet the talent behind popular animations and a peek into the business of animation. This year, Director Jess Merriman is pleased to welcome Bill […]

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Featured Track: Alternate History

  It hearkens back to a time when items were crafted as art, prim and proper was the norm, and wonder lay around every street corner.  It also embraces dystopian futures full of survivalists, corporate cyberpunks, and megacorp skylines. It’s the Alternate History Track! Led by Enrique Velazquez, better known as Doctor Q, the Alternate […]

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Featured Track: Xtrack

If you are convinced Area 51 is part of a massive cover-up to keep the public ignorant of alien activity; if you think the monsters under the bed are real and there are agents out there who hunt them; if you think DARPA knows more than it’s saying…then XTrack is for you!  From secret government […]

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Featured Track: BritTrack

  Dragon Con’s BritTrack celebrates all pop culture created in the UK! This includes some of the most iconic characters ever created like James Bond, the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, and Captain Jack Harkness. Under the direction of Caro Brown, the BritTrack team presents fans with discussion panels, academic panels, guest star panels, costume contests (plural!), […]

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Heather Henson Brings Puppetry Legacy to Dragon*Con

Growing Up Henson Muppet-creator Jim Henson’s youngest daughter talks about his legacy and its influence on contemporary puppetry at this year’s Dragon*Con August 31st through September 3rd, 2012 — Atlanta, GA Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the man who created the Muppets was your dad? Heather Henson, the youngest daughter of beloved American puppet innovators […]

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