Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Meet the 2019 Dragon Con Media Relations Team

2019 Media Relations Leadership

Dan Carroll
Media Engagement Director

Dan has been a volunteer for 13 Dragon Cons, and 2019 is his tenth year as Media Relations Director. Growing up on Silver/Bronze Age Marvel Comics, Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert, and Universal Horror, his geek bona fides run deep and broad and he watches too many cartoons for a grown man. 


Greg Euston
Public Relations Director

Greg Euston is Director of Public Relations for Dragon Con. Greg is a full-time corporate communications and public relations executive. With 20 years’ experience, he has helped companies and other organizations with corporate reputation, change management, CEO and senior executive communications, crisis and issues, and public relations campaign development and execution.

Samm Urbaytis

Samm Douglas
Media Relations Director

Samm Douglas has been a volunteer at Dragon Con for 8 years and has matured Dragon Con’s interview system into a program of national repute. Growing up an ST: TNG fangirl, her geek roots also include various Sci-Fi shows/movies, costuming, video games (especially Bioshock and Tetris), and blogging.

Erin Behnke
Interview Manager

Erin Behnke is a Georgia girl and an avid reader! With a good first chapter, she has to finish the book, then the series. She’s fond of quoting from books, films, shows, and songs. She loves Dragon Con because everyone is accepted for their individuality.

2019 Media Relations Support Volunteers


Mary Simpkins

Between three jobs and the social needs of an extreme extrovert, Mary finds time to sew, sing, and binge watch Netflix. She loves Doctor Who, Stargate, and Game of Thrones, but her first love was Star Trek. She looks forward to her volunteering another year for Dragon Con!

Stephanie Brennan

Stephanie L. Brennan is a New Orleans native that currently resides in Tennessee. She came by her love of Sci-Fi naturally, her grandfather, father, and uncles introduced her to her favorites: Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. When she’s not studying or doing research for her Ph.D., she can be found photographing, cosplaying, or serving her dog Angelina’s every command

Catherine Barson
Auxiliary Volunteer

Catherine Barson is a 15-year Dragon Con veteran with a penchant for social media and business communications. When not binge-watching Game of Thrones or Brooklyn 99, she runs a nerdy cooking blog called The Gluttonous Geek.

2019 Media Relations Registration Volunteers

Gary Holbrook

A graduate student, educator, intellectual, and nerd– Gary is a Dragon Con eternal member who has come all the way from Athens to help reporters and find out more about what goes behind the scenes.

Elizabeth Stacy

Elizabeth Stacy is a local indie filmmaker from Griffin GA. She got her start in the film track at Dragon Con in 2012 and returned as a screening filmmaker several years after. She is now a member of the WGAE. This is her second year as a volunteer with DCMR!

Marianne Sanderson

Marianne joined the with Media Relations team in 2018 and loves Star Wars, Anime, Monty Python, James Bond, Star Trek TOS, and so much more. When not volunteering, she works as a case manager for a law firm in the Atlanta area.

Manda Montane

Manda enjoys ballroom dancing, geocaching, video games and playing her saxophone. Raised on a steady diet of Nintendo and Star Wars, she is looking forward to her first year with DCMR after a wonderful time with the Load-in/Load-out team.

Bella Citvaras

Bella is a native born Georgian and is excited for her first year volunteering with the Media Relations Department. In her free time she plays lots of video games, board games, and tabletop adventures.

2019 Media Relations Interview Volunteers


Nicole Hall

Originally from Alabama, Nikki moved to GA to be involved with the things she adores in Atlanta, especially Dragon Con. 

Katy Johnson

Katy Johnson has attended conventions for 10+ years, working with Dragon Con Media for 2 years. She is a University of Montevallo student earning a degree in Mass Communication/PR. Previously working as the Fal-Con Marketing Director, she maxed out her geek card with her dedication to Anime, Cosplay and Voice Acting!

Richard Davis

Richard Davis is beyond thrilled to be volunteering with the Dragon Con Media Relations Team. Once upon a time, he was the founder and artistic director of the Browncoat Pub & Theatre. These days, he spends his time owning and operating Nerdvana Comics Knoxville.

Joel Dougherty

Joel is a Georgia native and has been an avid reader/nerd of Sci-Fi and Fantasy since he was a little kid. He graduated with his Bachelors from Georgia State University in Film and Television Production. He is extremely excited about Dragon Con and being able to volunteer for the Media Relations Department for his third year.