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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Dragon Con Adopts GrowTix Ticketing Platform
Aug• 12•19
Media Contact For GrowTix:
Dan Christensen
Media Contact For Dragon Con:
Dan Carroll, Director, Media Relations
404 692 1958


Dragon Con Adopts Growtix Platform (PDF Version)

Online Purchases for Full and One-Day Memberships in 2019 Will Shorten, Speed Up Registration Lines.

SALT LAKE CITY and ATLANTA, August 11, 2019 — Dragon Con, the internationally known pop culture, science fiction, fantasy, and gaming convention, has adopted the GrowTix platform to handle most membership sales transactions beginning on August 17th for the 2019 convention.

For the 2019 convention, the new platform will allow fans to purchase all memberships from their desktop or smartphone at any point before arriving at the convention, up to and including standing in a registration line. Click Here to Purchase Memberships.


DCMR Update 2019-3 (8/10)
Aug• 10•19

Business Things:

Tell us what you need to Succeed

Let us know the questions you need answered. Let us know the things you want to do, and if you will need help on the ground making them happen.  Have questions about Disability Services? We can work with you. Is there something we haven’t addressed in an update or podcast that interests you? Something you can’t find on the website? Reach out; we respond promptly in most cases.  And, look…here are the appropriate contacts in the next section.

Best way to contact Media Relations


The website has moved!

Our new home on the web is: http://www.dragoncon.org/mediarelations

We are working to make sure that all links work after the migration, but if you find something that doesn’t work, send us an email at mediarelations@dragoncon.org.

Important dates

  • Registration Closes August 15
  • Guest interview requests Close August 20
  • You can continue to request an interview with the convention spokesperson up to August 29.

DCMR Podcast 5 2019: Filking and The Brit Track
Aug• 09•19

We are talking music and Doctor Who! Join us on this, our 5th Media Relations Podcast for 2019!

This week, DCMR Podcast is happy to welcome:

  • Amber, Filk Track Director for Dragon Con: She tells us about music at Dragon Con and especially about the convention phenomena of Filking.
  • Chris Nightsaber of the Nightsabers: He tells us what it is like to be a  member of Filk Band playing at Dragon Con for the first time.
  • Caro, Brit Track Director for Dragon Con: She tells us about why people at Dragon Con love “Things from England,” and particularly Dr. Who.

We also remind everyone that time is running short to apply for Media Access and line up your Dragon Con interviews!

Download Podcast



Aug• 07•19









Dan Carroll, Director, Media Engagement

404 692 1958






2019 Dragon Awards Ballot (PDF Version)

Fans-Focused Awards Recognize Excellence in Fifteen Categories of Fiction, Comics, Gaming, and Filmed Entertainment.

Fourth Annual Awards Will Be Announced at Dragon Con over Labor Day Weekend.

ATLANTA – August 7, 2019 – Dragon Con’s Dragon Awards, a fan’s choice awards program to recognize the very best in science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, gaming, and filmed entertainment, has published its 2019 ballot.


DCMR Update 2019-1 (7/28)
Aug• 02•19

Table of Contents

Getting ready for Dragon Con 2019!

Hot Links:

Picking Up My Badge:

DCMR Podcast 5 2019: Filking and The Brit Track.

DCMR Podcast 4 2019: Tours for Reporters/Space and Science Track.

PRESS RELEASE: Dragon Con Announces Comics & Pop Art All-Ages Programming.

2019 Dragon Con Progress Report Released.

Dragon Con Reporter Email Policy.


Getting ready for Dragon Con 2019!

With less than 30 Days from Dragon Con 2019, you are probably now preparing your coverage ideas for Dragon Con 2019.

  • Remember that we are hear to answer any question you have.
  • If you entered “other team members” on your form, ensure they have applied individually! As a membership organization we are required to have each individual reporter complete their own application and do not give out badges by outlet. Each of your team needs to provide a unique email address.
  • We will be putting together a “boots on the ground” guide and related podcast in mid-august to cover practical concerns such as parking, transit, hotel layouts, navigating the sky bridges, finding more information, and all the good things about being a reporter at Dragon Con.
  • Please remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the most recent information:
    • Twitter: @DragonConMedia
    • Facebook: Dragon Con Media Relations

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Dragon Con Official Party List (7/31)
Jul• 31•19

Every year Dragon Con welcomes over 80,000 attendees to discuss science fiction and fantasy, meet their favorite stars and writers, and be who they truly want to be for five days.  One of the hallmarks of Dragon Con is that late-night nerd party scene.  We have compiled a list of the scheduled parties at Dragon Con for you to help in planning your Dragon Con reporting (and enjoyment) for 2019.


  • Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Black Hat Ball
  • Endgame Neon Party
  • Bunny Hutch
  • Stranger Things Prom
  • 8-bit Bash


  • Temporal Formal Dance, A Silver Screen Soiree
  • K-pop Dance Party
  • Zombie Prom
  • Evening in Bree
  • Toon Age Sock Hop
  • Can’t Stop the Signal Dance Party (Firefly)


  • Spectrum Party: Celebrating LGBTQ Geeks & Allies
  • Bond & Cocktails: Shaken Not Stirred
  • 10 Forward Party
  • The Last Party on Alderaan
  • The North Remembers How to Party
  • Heroes and Villains Ball (VGT)


  • Costuming 15 Anniversary Party
  • Yule Ball
  • Doctor Who Ball
  • Mechanical Masquerade: Revolution!

Dragon Con Announces Comics & Pop Art All-Ages Programming
Jul• 24•19




Dan Carroll, Director, Media Engagement

404 692 1958




Dragon-Con-2019-Comics-Pop-Art-Track   (PDF Version)

Comic & Pop Artist Alley Boasts a Guest Roster of Industry Veterans and New Talent, Workshops for Children and Adults, and Amplified Kids Programming at Dragon Con.

ATLANTA – July 24, 2019 – Dragon Con, Atlanta’s internationally-known pop culture, fantasy, science fiction, and gaming convention, will be broadening its Comics & Pop Art programming to encourage art and comic enthusiasts of all ages.

In addition to a dream team of Bronze Age and Modern Age comics writers and artists, the convention’s traditional strength, the convention has added workshops and other programming designed to help aspiring comics creators and to encourage greater interest from today’s younger generations.   (more…)

Dragon Con Reporter Email Policy
Jul• 15•19

Sometimes there are questions about the Dragon Con Media Relations email policy after the convention.  When you accept your badge from Dragon Con, you agree to a number of criteria (no impromptu guest interviews, no photography in the walk of fame, etc.), and one of those things you  agree to is to received emails from Dragon Con Media Relations for up to 1 year.  For instance if you were an approved reporter at Dragon Con 2017, we would remove you from our mailing list at the start of Dragon Con 2018.

When you pick up your badge for Dragon Con 2019, you will initial that you understand that Dragon Con will email you for one year, with the emails ending Labor Day Weekend 2020.  Normally we send out 7-10 emails to previous approved reporters.  They will focus on logging your most recent Dragon Con coverage and applying for Dragon Con in the upcoming year.  You should expect 2-3 emails in the autumn, 1 in February and up to 2 in March.  Then for reporters who have not applied for the next year, you will get 2 emails during the summer reminding you to apply. The summer emails only go to reporters who have not yet applied for the next year.

We send these emails for three reasons:

  • To remind you to log your coverage so you will be able to be approved for the next year
  • To remind you that registration opens March 15 each year and give you a chance to apply early
  • To remind  you to apply for media access before it closes because onsite registration is available only local media and does require a trip to another hotel (we are trying to save you time and energy!)

We appreciate all of our reporters efforts, and these emails are a way to main a relationship with you.

DCMR Podcast 4 2019: Tours for Reporters/Space and Science Track
Jul• 13•19

The Dragon Con Media Relations Podcast continues as Dan Carroll, Dragon Con Media Engagement Director, introduces Mary Lou Who, Dragon Con’s Media Engagement Assistant Director. He delves further in Dragon Con Tracks with a provacative and engaging talk about Dragon Con with Dragon Con’s Space and Science Track Directors.

Mary and Dan talk about the tours available to reporters, the parade, the Greenbriar Room, Information Services and a few other topics.

Download the podcast.

Dr. Stephen Granade, Director of the Science Track,  and Rain Glynn, Director of the Space Track, share exciting developments about their tracks at Dragon Con and explain why the “Reality Tracks” at Dragon Con tie in so well to the fantasy and Science Fiction Tracks at Dragon Con.

Links for this episode:

2019 Dragon Con Progress Report Released
Jul• 09•19

The Dragon Con Progress Report is an annual publication that provides information about Dragon Con guests, performers, vendors, tracks, special events, contests, workshops, gaming, and so much more.

It is an excellent source of information about Dragon Con 2019 and is available now for your review.

Download Your Copy of the Dragon Con Progress Report!