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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DCMR Podcast 4 2019: Tours for Reporters/Space and Science Track
Jul• 13•19

The Dragon Con Media Relations Podcast continues as Dan Carroll, Dragon Con Media Engagement Director, introduces Mary Lou Who, Dragon Con’s Media Engagement Assistant Director. He delves further in Dragon Con Tracks with a provacative and engaging talk about Dragon Con with Dragon Con’s Space and Science Track Directors.

Mary and Dan talk about the tours available to reporters, the parade, the Greenbriar Room, Information Services and a few other topics.

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Dr. Stephen Granade, Director of the Science Track,  and Rain Glynn, Director of the Space Track, share exciting developments about their tracks at Dragon Con and explain why the “Reality Tracks” at Dragon Con tie in so well to the fantasy and Science Fiction Tracks at Dragon Con.

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2019 Dragon Con Progress Report Released
Jul• 09•19

The Dragon Con Progress Report is an annual publication that provides information about Dragon Con guests, performers, vendors, tracks, special events, contests, workshops, gaming, and so much more.

It is an excellent source of information about Dragon Con 2019 and is available now for your review.

Download Your Copy of the Dragon Con Progress Report!

Featured Track: Silk Road 2019
Jul• 07•19

The Silk Road Track is a journey through culture, time, and imagination.  Fans don’t need to join a caravan or book passage on a ship. A Dragon Con membership is the only passport needed to travel the Silk Road. With programming representing regions from the Mediterranean to the Far East, the track dedicates itself to featuring culture and cinema of the Silk Road region with integrity and depth.

Fans who visit the Silk Road programming will find an eclectic offering of entertainment, with both educational and hands-on panels and events that strive to include historical and modern, factual and fantastical. In addition, the track offers classes, workshops, contests, performance shows, and panel discussions on culture, fashion, and literature from the Silk Road.

Track Director: Kira Lang

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DCMR Update 2019-2 (7/6)
Jul• 06•19


This is the second Dragon Con Update/Digest for Summer of 2019.  We will continue to gather and share useful information with approved reporters for Dragon Con 2019.

If there is anything you believe we should focus on, please let us know!

  • To speak to a Dragon Con Representative or to ask about what to do, see, or cover at Dragon Con, Contact Dan Carroll (dancarroll@dragoncon.org).
  • For anything related to processing and managing your media access, please contact Samm Douglas (mediarelations@dragoncon.org) .
  • Any question or comment related to guest interviews, your contact is Erin Behnke (interviews@dragoncon.org).

These updates are sent to approved reporters and the stored on the website for easy access.

Featured Tracks:

Recently we focused on a number of Dragon Con fan tracks that are reality driven, rather than media driven. Our fan tracks at Dragon Con cover a broad spectrum of interests.

New Podcast:

Out 3rd Podcast focuses on proscribed activities for approved media at Dragon Con as well as a delightful conversation with two of our directors about activities for Kids!

DCMR Podcast 3 2019: Dragon Con Media Relations Policies/YA Lit and Kids Tracks

And all of our older podcasts are archived here. (more…)

Featured Tracks: Digital Media & Electronic Frontiers Forums 2019
Jul• 05•19

In an age where technology is as limitless as the imagination, Dragon Con’s Digital Media Track and Electronic Frontiers Forums welcome fans who love to create, learn, and map their futures through cyberspace.

Click below to find out more about the Digital Media Track and Electronic Frontiers Forums.


DCMR Podcast 3 2019: Dragon Con Media Relations Policies/YA Lit and Kids Tracks
Jul• 04•19

Welcome to this our 3rd Dragon Con Media Relations Podcast for 2019. This edition we cover two topics, one serious and one a whole lot of fun. The first portion of the podcast will cover those policies at Dragon Con that prohibit some activities for the greater good of the convention. The second portion of the podcast covers what is cool for kids to enjoy at Dragon Con.

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With the number of reporters that cover dragon con and the growth of the convention, we sit down each year and ask ourselves what is appropriate and what inappropriate behavior for media covering Dragon Con. We need to set standards to protect the convention goers, and we need to share those standards so that reporters know what is allowed and not allowed. Today we are running down the primary activities that could violate Dragon Con policies and which would most likely result in your badge being pulled.

Next we will be sharing with you all an interview we recently conducted with Dragon Con Kids Track Director Jill Madox and dragon Con young adult literature  track director Melissa Pichetto.  These tracks provide informative and entertaining panels, events, dances, and workshops for younger Dragon Con attendees.

Click through for links referenced in the show.

Registration and Interview Links

Dragon Con Policies

Dragon Con Young Adult Literature

Dragon Con Kids Track


DMCR Prohibited Activities
Jul• 04•19

The Official Agreements for 2018, may have changed in specifics for  2019

To receive your badge for media access for 2019, you will need to agree that you understand and comply with the following requirements:

  • By agreement with agents, guest interviews are by invitation only and are scheduled prior to Dragon Con 2019. Do not solicit interviews with guests.
  • Reporting or photography must not create unsafe conditions or impede traffic flow, especially in the connecting tunnels between hotels or other hallways
  • Photography and video recording are not allowed in the Walk of Fame, Dealer’s Room, the Artist Alley, or the Comic and Pop Art Alley.
  • Reporters agree to receive emails for one year concerning Dragon Con
  • Reporters must respect the fans, guests and the Dragon Con volunteers.
  • Reporters agree to follow the instructions of Dragon Con volunteers and Dragon Con Security.
  • Reporters agree to provide copies of your reporting
  • All Dragon Con attendees, including reporters, must wear their badges at all time.
  • A press badge does not automatically give special privileges, front of the line privileges or allow special access to the guests.
  • Dragon Con harassment policies apply to all attendees including reporters. All persons reporting harassment will have the opportunity to discuss the matter with the APD.

Principles to be respected

  • Our guests come to Dragon Con to see fans.
  • Dragon Con is a Fan convention and not a media convention. We welcome and support Media Representatives, but our focus is the fans.
  • There is no mean or insulting comedy allowed by authorized reporters. This includes trolling to later mock Dragon Con Members.
  • There is to be no charging for photo shoots anywhere at Dragon Con. This is one of official Dragon Con policies that every badge holder must comply, and it is stringently enforced for reporters.
  • Review the Dragon Con policies located on the Dragon Con Website.
  • That list of agreements you sign for? You are responsible for following them. Moreover, each dragon con volunteer giving out badges know that they will be in hot water if they fail to read them out and discuss any issues you have. If you have issues, please have them before you initial.


Dragon Con Announces Top Guests
Jul• 03•19




Dan Carroll, Director, Media Engagement

404 692 1958




Dragon Con 2019 Top Guests (PDF Version)

Guests from Star Trek, Star Wars, Gotham, Shazam!, The Orville, Doctor Who, and other top television shows and movies will meet their fans at Dragon Con.

ATLANTA – July 02, 2019 – George Takei, Lana Parrilla, and David Tennant lead a long list of celebrity guests headed to Dragon Con, Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, fantasy, science fiction, and gaming convention, for Labor Day weekend.

Scottish actor David Tennant, the Tenth Doctor of Doctor Who fame, makes a career of bringing fans’ favorite characters to life. Other noted roles of his include Jessica Jones’s Kilgrave, the voice of DuckTales’ Scrooge McDuck, and most recently the demonically charming Crowley of Good Omens

Known for playing Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek television series and its first six feature films, George Takei has had a varied career as an actor, writer, and community activist. Fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time will recognize Lana Parrilla for her award-winning role as the Evil Queen and Mayor of Storybrooke from the show’s nine-year run.  (more…)

Featured Track: Robotics & Maker 2019
Jul• 03•19

The Robotics and Maker Track is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the Robotics and Maker Movements. They hold informative panels, demonstrations, and competitions designed to feed fans’ interest and increase knowledge on the practice and application of invention and engineering.

The track focuses on technology and engineering based creative pursuits, ranging from 3D printing to machining, to fabric circuits, with a goal of building interest in skills and creativity to be used in bringing new ideas to the public.

From special effects to space rovers, The Robotics and Maker Track is fans’ stop for all things created when tech meets imagination.

Director: Valerie Macht

Connect with the Robotics & Maker Track:


Featured Tracks: Science, Skeptic, & Space 2019
Jul• 01•19

Dragon Con’s Science, Skeptic, and Space Tracks invite fans to discuss and discover the known, the unknown, and what’s possible within the natural world and beyond.

Click below to learn more about the Science, Skeptic, and Space Tracks.