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September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Featured Track: Military SciFi Media 2019
Jun• 21•19

The Military SciFi Media (MSFM) Track at Dragon Con focuses on discussions of episodes, characters, costumes, and social issues encompassed by SF television shows/movies that feature a military element or setting, generally in space.

The Military SciFi Media Track (MSFM) is ready to do battle once again, featuring the best character, costuming, storyline, and social issue discussions from Andromeda, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica (new and classic), Buck Rogers, Farscape, Firefly, Space: Above and Beyond, The Orville, Stargate, and Starship Troopers.

For fans, it is time to suit up and roll out their thoughts on diplomacy, peacekeeping, rules of engagement, and full-scale combat.

Director: James Henson

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Jun• 19•19




Dan Carroll, Director, Media Engagement

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2019 Official Charity (PDF Version)

The Convention Continues the Dollar-for-Dollar Match of $100,000, and Challenges Fans to Support the Official Charity and to Get Involved with the Superheroes Service Team.

ATLANTA – June 19, 2019 – Dragon Con, Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, sci fi, fantasy, and gaming convention, has selected the Atlanta Affiliate of the American Heart Association as its official charity for 2019.

And the Dragon Con Superheroes will soon wrap up their slate of 2019 community service projects.  This program, now in its sixth year, has contributed more than 3,500 hours in community service to Atlanta-based non-profits.

Since 2013, the convention has consistently raised more than $100,000 for each of its annual official charities, including a dollar-for-dollar match up to $100,000 from the convention.  Funds are raised through convention-based auctions, special merchandise sales, special events, and the dollar-for-dollar match.

The selection of the American Heart Association is in honor of the late Thom Trainor, the long-serving director of the Dragon Con’s Comics and Pop Art division who died from a heart attack in July 2018, just a few weeks prior to the convention.

“Thom was more than a friend to the convention. His love of comics and art helped shape our comics and pop art programming into the widely anticipated experience it is today,” said convention co-chair Rachel Reeves.  “This year’s selection is a very personal one.”


Featured Track: Independent Film Festival 2019
Jun• 19•19

The Dragon Con Independent Film Festival is a four-day event of film screenings and panels, with directors, producers, writers, actors, SFX, and makeup artists all sharing their expertise.

The festival focuses each year on showcasing the finest independent films of the fantastic. They welcome not only Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror films, but any film of the imagination that steps out of the slice-of-life category, including short animated films of all types. The competition is primarily for short films (under 60 minutes), but they also do take a few independent features.

There will be plenty to do for anyone who enjoys film. For filmmakers, this is a chance to show their films, meet others in the field, discuss the trials and tribulations of making a film, get some tips, and make some connections. Film lovers can hear some of the masters discuss their projects, watch the films entered in the Film Festival, and then drop by a panel and hear the winning directors/producers talk about their films.

Track Director: Matthew Foster

Connect with the Dragon Con Independent Film Festival:

Official Website

DCMR Update 2019-1 (6/19)
Jun• 19•19

Welcome to the Dragon Con Media Relations Summer Update #1

Every year Dragon Con sends approved reporters periodic updates covering administrative guidance, links to find out more about Dragon Con, and a summary of latest press releases and podcasts.  We anticipate this year a total of 10 Updates will be sent to approved reporters.  The updates area also posted to the Dragon Con Media Relations Website (mediarelations.dragoncon.org).

Today’s summary includes:

  • What is the best way to Contact Dragon Con Media Relations?
  • Press Releases
  • New Media Relations Podcasts for June
  • Fan Tracks
  • Guest Announcements

Click through for details.


Featured Track: Horror 2019
Jun• 17•19

Covering the history of horror from gothic literature to the Golden Age of the 1980s to beyond, the Horror Track is the home for the macabre at Dragon Con.

The track’s programming pulls from a network of actors, authors, musicians, scholars, fans, and creators of the wicked and grotesque terrors that haunt fans’ imaginations.

Track Director: Derek Tatum

Connect with Dragon Con’s Horror Track:

Official Website


DCMR Podcast 2 2019: Interviews and the Silk Road
Jun• 15•19

This edition of the DCMR Podcast features Erin Behnke, the Dragon Con Interview Manager (interviews@dragoncon.org) and Beth Giles, the new Dragon Con Silk Road Director (silkroad@dragoncon.org).

Topics covered in the interview portion:

  • Walk of Fame Guest Interview Requests
  • Other Dragon Con Guest Interviews
  • DOs and DON’Ts of interviewing Dragon Con Guests

Topics covered in the interview portion:

    • What is a the Silk Road Track?
    • What are the featured panels of the Silk Road Track?
  • Ninjas! Godzilla! K-Pop! and so much more

Links Mentioned:

Listen to the Podcast:

Download the podcast here!

Featured Track: Filk 2019
Jun• 15•19

Filking is music that is by fans of any given fandom, about any given fandom.  The Dragon Con Filk Track takes special pride in making everyone welcome who is interested in or curious about Filk.

Browncoats, Wrock, Trock, Ponies, and traditional Filkers are all welcome to filking concerts, open filk hours, discussion panels, and some brand new workshops.

Continue to check the following sites for the latest Dragon Con Filk Track updates.

Website: Click here.

Twitter: Click here.

Director: Robby Hillard

Featured Tracks: Fantasy Literature & Science-Fiction Literature 2019
Jun• 13•19

Dragon Con’s  Fantasy Literature Track and Science-Fiction Literature track celebrate the written works that transport fans to other and outer worlds.

Click below to learn more about the Fantasy Literature and Science-Fiction Literature Tracks. (more…)

Jun• 13•19











Dan Carroll, Director, Media Engagement

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2019 Artist and Literary Guests of Honor (PDF VERSION)

Artist Julie Dillon and Author Brandon Sanderson Will Be Recognized

ATLANTA – June 13, 2019 – Dragon Con, Atlanta’s internationally known pop culture, fantasy, sci-fi, and gaming convention, has selected American fantasy artist Julie Dillon and American fantasy and science fiction writer Brandon Sanderson and as its 2019 Artist and Literary Guests of Honor.

Beginning with its first convention in 1987, Dragon Con has recognized an author and an artist whose creative contributions to the realms of fantasy and science fiction are widely recognized as among the very best as Literary and Artist Guests of Honor.  Dillon and Sanderson will be recognized throughout the event for their contributions to their individual fields.  Both will be on hand to meet fans and participate in panels to provide insight into their success and love of fandom.

“We are delighted to recognize Julie and Brandon as our Guests of Honor this year.  They are endlessly creative individuals who have been widely and consistently recognized for the quality of their work,” said Rachel Reeves, convention co-chair.

An award-winning illustrator, including four Hugo awards and five Chesley awards, Dillon has created fantasy and science fiction images for games, book and magazine covers, and covers for musical albums. Much of her art has been compiled into three books, the most recent of which, Daydreamer’s Journey, was issued in 2018.  Please visit Dillon’s website at https://www.juliedillonart.com/

Sanderson is a New York Times bestselling, award-winning novelist and short works writer who is best known for creating the Cosmere universe, in which most of his fantasy novels are set. He is also known for writing the final three installments of Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series The Wheel of Time.  In 2018, Sanderson’s young adult novel Calamity was nominated for a Dragon Award, the fan choice awards organized by Dragon Con. Please visit Sanderson’s website at https://brandonsanderson.com/


About Dragon Con

Dragon Con is the internationally known pop culture convention held each Labor Day Weekend (Aug 29 -Sept 2, 2019) in Atlanta. Organized for fans, Dragon Con features more than 3,500 hours of comics, film, television, costuming, art, music, and gaming over four days. For more information, please visit www.dragoncon.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Featured Track: Costuming 2019
Jun• 11•19

The Dragon Con Costuming track considers itself “the cooking show of costuming; the HGTV of DC.” This track crafts four jam-packed days of DIY for the costumer in everyone, no matter the attendee’s skill level, area of costuming interests, or favorite fandom genre.

The sewing crowd can enjoy panels on patterning, “frankensteining,” draping, and drafting. While aspiring prop-builders have plenty of sculpting, casting, fabricating and electronics panels to satisfy their maker cravings.

Attendees can then show off their work at the craftsmanship-oriented Friday Night Costume Contest. Or they can put their costuming skills to the last minute “MacGyver” test at the hilariously campy Project Cosplay competition. Fans of Game Show Network’s Skin Wars will also love the Costuming track’s Body Art Challenge where up to 10 experienced body paint artists race the clock to complete a fantastic look – often in the wildest manner possible.

For updates on Dragon Con’s Costuming Track, check out its Website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account.

Director: Lee Cox