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We’ve worked all year to bring you an amazing lineup of creators, writers, artists, actors, illustrators, and creative minds. Join other fans and like-minded pop culture devotees at Dragon Con to geek-out over all of your favorites. Here’s just a glimpse of what you can expect!

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  • Christine Adams

    Christine Adams

    Actress in Black Lightning, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Freema Agyeman

    Freema Agyeman

    Actress in Doctor Who, Sense 8, Torchwood
  • Lori Alan

    Lori Alan

    Voice actress in SpongeBob SquarePants, Toy Story 4, Family Guy
  • David Anders

    David Anders

    Actor in iZombie, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, Alias
  • Kevin J. Anderson

    Kevin J. Anderson

    Author of Clockwork Angels, Saga of Seven Suns, Terra Incognita
  • Dino Andrade

    Dino Andrade

    Voice actor in New Looney Tunes, World of Warcraft, Arkham Asylum
  • Emily Andras

    Emily Andras

    Showrunner and executive producer of Wynonna Earp, Lost Girl, Killjoys
  • Cooper Andrews

    Cooper Andrews

    Actor in The Walking Dead, SHAZAM!, Mamba
  • Asher Angel

    Asher Angel

    Actor in Jolene, Andi Mack, SHAZAM!
  • Hale Appleman

    Hale Appleman

    Actor in The Magicians and Teeth
  • Tala Ashe

    Tala Ashe

    Actress in Legends of Tomorrow, Smash
  • Jane Badler

    Jane Badler

    Actress in V, V: The Final Battle, Neighbours, Mission: Impossible
  • Tom Bancroft

    Tom Bancroft

    Animator on Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan
  • Kat Barrell

    Kat Barrell

    Actress in Wynonna Earp, Workin' Moms, Girls' Night Out 
  • Andy Belanger

    Andy Belanger

    Comic book artist of WWE Comics, Kill Shakespeare, & Southern Cross
  • Joe Benitez

    Joe Benitez

    Creator of Lady Mechanika comic book. Artist for DC & Image Comics
  • Christopher Bivins

    Christopher Bivins

    Comic and storyboard artist of The Belko Experiment & Dragon's Lair
  • Paul Blackthorne

    Paul Blackthorne

    Actor in Arrow, The Dresden Files
  • David Blue

    David Blue

    Actor in Moonlight, Stargate Universe, Ugly Betty
  • Andy Brase

    Andy Brase

    Comic Book Cover Artist for Dark Horse & DC Comics
  • Patricia Briggs

    Patricia Briggs

    Author of the Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series
  • Kimberly Brooks

    Kimberly Brooks

    Voice actress in Voltron: Legendary Defender, Steven Universe 
  • Ben Browder

    Ben Browder

    Actor in Farscape, Stargate SG-1
  • Rodger Bumpass

    Rodger Bumpass

    Voice actor in Spongebob Squarepants, Invader Zim, Teen Titans, Heavy Metal
  • Jim Butcher

    Jim Butcher

    Author of the Dresden Files, Cinder Spires, Codex Alera
  • Richard Case

    Richard Case

    Comic Book Artist for DC Comic's Doom Patrol and Sandman
  • Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman

    Puppeteer in Star Wars, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance 
  • Ray Chase

    Ray Chase

    Voice actor in Kingdom Hearts, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia
  • Wes Chatham

    Wes Chatham

    Actor in The Expanse, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
  • Mary Chieffo

    Mary Chieffo

    Actress in Star Trek: Discovery
  • Matthew Clark

    Matthew Clark

    Comic Book Artist: Superman, Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol, & Ghost Rider
  • Chad Coleman

    Chad Coleman

    Actor in The Wire, The Expanse, The Orville, The Walking Dead
  • Ruth Connell

    Ruth Connell

    Actress in Supernatural, Disney Infinity 3.0, Folklore
  • Bill Corbett

    Bill Corbett

    Writer and performer for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K)
  • Emily Coutts

    Emily Coutts

    Actress in Star Trek: Discovery, Crimson Peak, Dark Matter, Goliath
  •  Crossed Swords

    Crossed Swords

    Dazzling display of Hollywood-style combat.
  • Shawn Crystal

    Shawn Crystal

    Comic Book Artist of Deadpool, Arkham Manor, & Mother Panic
  • Karen David

    Karen David

    Actress in Galavant, The Scorpion King 2, Once Upon a Time
  • Peter David

    Peter David

    Novelist/Comics writer: Incredible Hulk, Spider-man, and Young Justice
  • Robbie Daymond

    Robbie Daymond

    Voice actor in Spider-man, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5
  • Jeff Dekal

    Jeff Dekal

    Comic Book Cover Artist: Iron Fist, Journey Into Mystery, and Thanos
  • J.M. DeMatteis

    J.M. DeMatteis

    Writer: JLI, Kraven's Last Hunt, Capt. America, & Moonshadow
  • Julie Dillon

    Julie Dillon

    2019 Artist Guest of Honor
  • Colleen Doran

    Colleen Doran

    Comic Artist: Sandman, Stan Lee biography, and Neil Gaiman graphic novels
  • Tamara Duarte

    Tamara Duarte

    Actress in Wynonna Earp, Hard Rock MedDegrassi: The Next Generation
  • Olivia Dudley

    Olivia Dudley

    Actress in The Magicians, Paranormal Activity, Chernobyl Diaries
  • Larry Elmore

    Larry Elmore

    Artist and cover illustrator 
  • Cary Elwes

    Cary Elwes

    Actor in Stranger Things, Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Saw
  • Robert Englund

    Robert Englund

    Voice actor, director, and actor in Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Dave Fennoy

    Dave Fennoy

    Voice actor in The Walking Dead game, Wolf Among Us, World of Warcraft
  • Lou Ferrigno

    Lou Ferrigno

    Actor in The Incredible Hulk, Con Man, King of Queens
  • Quinton Flynn

    Quinton Flynn

    Voice actor in Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII
  • Dan Fogler

    Dan Fogler

    Actor in Fantastic Beasts, The Walking Dead, Balls of Fury, Good Luck Chuck
  • Francesco Francavilla

    Francesco Francavilla

    Eisner Award Winning cover artist for DC, Marvel, & Dynamite Comics
  • Stephan Franck

    Stephan Franck

    Animator on the Iron Giant, writer, director, comic book creator
  • Bryan Scott Fyffe

    Bryan Scott Fyffe

    Illustrator featured in Dark Horse Comics & Disney galleries
  • Zach Galligan

    Zach Galligan

    Actor in Gremlins, Gremlins 2, Tales from the Crypt, Melrose Place
  • Aimee Garcia

    Aimee Garcia

    Actress in Lucifer, Trauma, The George Lopez Show, RoboCop
  • Maggie Geha

    Maggie Geha

    Actress in Gotham, Ted 2, The Rewrite, The Harrow
  • Gil Gerard

    Gil Gerard

    Actor in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  • Justin Gerard

    Justin Gerard

    Artist and illustrator
  • Keith Giffen

    Keith Giffen

    Writer/artist of Justice League & Legion. Creator of Lobo.
  • Jared Gilmore

    Jared Gilmore

    Actor in Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, Hawthorne
  • Caitlin Glass

    Caitlin Glass

    Voice actress in Fullmetal Alchemist, My Hero Academia, DragonBall Super
  • Steve Gonsalves

    Steve Gonsalves

    Syfy’s hit show Ghost Hunters and the spinoff show Ghost Hunters Academy.
  • Chris Gore

    Chris Gore

    Host of Film Threat Podcast, author, filmmaker, actor
  • Erin Gray

    Erin Gray

    Actress in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  • Sanford Greene

    Sanford Greene

    Comic Artist: Power Man & Iron FistBitter Root - Image
  • Mike Grell

    Mike Grell

    Comic book writer/artist of Green Arrow. Creator: Jon Sable and Warlord
  • Harvey Guillen

    Harvey Guillen

    Actor in What We Do in the Shadows, The Magicians
  • Gene Ha

    Gene Ha

    Eisner winning cover artist for DC.  Penciler: Top 10. Creator of Mae
  • Yaya Han

    Yaya Han

    Costume designer, model, and cosplay entertainer 
  • Scott Hanna

    Scott Hanna

    Top Comic Book Inker for DC & Marvel Comics
  • Erica Henderson

    Erica Henderson

    Artist of Marvel's Squirrel Girl and Assassin Nation from Image Comics
  • Brian Henson

    Brian Henson

    Award-winning director, producer, and writer
  • Brian Herring

    Brian Herring

    Puppeteer in Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Muppets, Hellboy II
  • Tracy Hickman

    Tracy Hickman

    International and New York Times bestselling fantasy author
  • Greg Horn

    Greg Horn

    Comics artist and illustrator
  • Samantha Inoue-harte

    Samantha Inoue-harte

    Voice actress, anime producer, animator, and special FX makeup artist
  • Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson

    Actor in The Orville, Peppermint, The Kissing Booth
  • Georges Jeanty

    Georges Jeanty

    Eisner winning artist: Buffy, Angel, Batwoman, Gambit, The American Way
  • Paul Jenkins

    Paul Jenkins

    Artist and illustrator
  • Joe Karg

    Joe Karg

    Illustrator on FX’s Archer, Comedy Central, Fox, & Viacom
  • Josh Keaton

    Josh Keaton

    Actor and voice actor in HerculesVoltron: Legendary Defender
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Author of the Dark-Hunter and League series
  • Barry Kitson

    Barry Kitson

    Comic Book Artist: Dr. Strange, Legion, Azrael, and Spider-man
  • Martin Kove

    Martin Kove

    Actor in Karate Kid, its sequels, Cobra Kai
  • Katherine Kurtz

    Katherine Kurtz

    Author of the Deryni series and Adept 
  • Greg Land

    Greg Land

    Comic Book Artist: X-men, Spider-man, Ultimate FF, and Birds of Prey
  • Shazad Latif

    Shazad Latif

    Actor in Star Trek: Discovery, Penny Dreadful
  • J. Lee

    J. Lee

    Actor in The Orville, writer for The Cleveland Show
  • Jae Lee

    Jae Lee

    Eisner Winning artist: Inhumans, Dark Tower, Ozymandias, Batman/ Superman
  • Zachary Levi

    Zachary Levi

    Actor in SHAZAM!, Chuck, TangledThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  • Peter Linz 2587

    Peter Linz

    Actor and puppeteer in The Muppets
  • AJ LoCascio

    AJ LoCascio

    Voice actor in Voltron: Legendary Defender, Dawn of the Croods
  • Todd Lockwood

    Todd Lockwood

    Artist and illustrator
  • Donal Logue

    Donal Logue

    Actor in Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, Gotham, Grounded for Life
  • Ant Lucia

    Ant Lucia

    Comic artist and creator of DC Comics Bombshells
  • Jonathan Maberry

    Jonathan Maberry

    Author of Predator One, Nightsiders, Rot & Ruin, Dead of Night
  • Ralph Macchio

    Ralph Macchio

    Actor in Karate Kid, its sequels, Cobra Kai
  • David Mack

    David Mack

    Author/artist of Kabuki, writer of Daredevil
  • Rebecca Mader

    Rebecca Mader

    Actress in Once Upon a Time, Devil Wear's Prada, 30 Rock, Fringe
  • Kevin Maguire

    Kevin Maguire

    Comic Artist: Justice League, Supergirl, and World’s Finest
  • Don Maitz

    Don Maitz

  • Jason Marsden 5001

    Jason Marsden

    Actor in Boy Meets World, Hocus Pocus, A Goofy Movie
  • David Mazouz

    David Mazouz

    Actor in Touch, Gotham, The Darkness
  •  mc chris

    mc chris

  • Eddie McClintock

    Eddie McClintock

    Actor in Warehouse 13, Bones, Better off Ted, The King of Queens
  • Clint McElroy

    Clint McElroy

    Podcaster and comic book writer from The Adventure Zone
  • Travis McElroy

    Travis McElroy

    Podcaster and comic book writer from The Adventure Zone
  • Paul McGillion

    Paul McGillion

    Actor in Stargate: AtlantisStar TrekOnce Upon a Time
  • Rose McIver

    Rose McIver

    Actress in iZombie, Once Upon a Time, Masters of Sex, The Lovely Bones
  • Mike McKone

    Mike McKone

    Comic Artist: Justice League, Teen Titans, Spider-man, and Dynamite Comics
  • AJ Michalka

    AJ Michalka

    Actress in The Goldbergs, Schooled, singer-song writer, musician 
  • Aly Michalka

    Aly Michalka

    Actress in Easy A, iZombie, Hellcats, singer-songwriter, musician
  • Max Mittelman

    Max Mittelman

    Voice actor in One-Punch Man, Persona 5, Seven Deadly Sins
  • Rebecca Moesta

    Rebecca Moesta

    Author of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Little Things
  • Anson Mount

    Anson Mount

    Actor in Hell on Wheels, Inhumans, Conviction, Star Trek: Discovery
  • Fabian Nicieza

    Fabian Nicieza

    Co-creator of Deadpool. Comics Writer: X-men, X-Force, Robin, Superman
  • Larry Niven

    Larry Niven

    Author of Ringworld, Lucifer's Hammer, Footfall, Neutron Star
  •  Nooligan


    Artist/Graphic Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley Collectibles
  • Cary Nord

    Cary Nord

    Comic Book Artist: Daredevil, Conan, Wonder Woman, and Dynamite Comics
  • Jody Lynn Nye

    Jody Lynn Nye

    Author of Rhythm of the Imperium, Moon Tracks, Myth-Fits
  • Ty Olsson

    Ty Olsson

    Actor in Supernatural, The 100, Battlestar Galatica, V, Arrow, iZombie
  • George Pérez

    George Pérez

    Legendary Creator: New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Crisis, & Avengers
  • Yanick Paquette

    Yanick Paquette

    Comic Book Artist: Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman Earth One, & DC Covers
  • Dan Parent

    Dan Parent

    Comic Book Artist: Archie, Betty, & Veronica. Creator of Die Kitty Die
  • Lana Parilla

    Lana Parilla

    Actress in Once Upon a Time, Boomtown, Windfall, Spin City, 24
  • Ethan Peck

    Ethan Peck

    Actor in Star Trek: Discovery, voice actor in Halo 4 & 5
  • Sean Pertwee

    Sean Pertwee

    Actor in Gotham, Dog Soldiers, Elementary, Event Horizon
  • Dominique Provost-Chalkley

    Dominique Provost-Chalkley

    Actress in Wynonna Earp, 12 Monkeys, Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Shannon Purser

    Shannon Purser

    Actress in Stranger Things, Riverdale, Sierra Burgess is a Loser
  • Jack Quaid 5019

    Jack Quaid

    Actor in The Hunger Games, The Boys
  • DJ Qualls

    DJ Qualls

    Actor in Road Trip, The New Guy, The Core, Supernatural, ZNation
  • Dustin Rhodes

    Dustin Rhodes

    Professional wrestler FKA Goldust
  • Afua Richardson

    Afua Richardson

    Artist on the Eisner winning series Black Panther World of Wakanda
  • Rebecca Riggs

    Rebecca Riggs

    Actress in Farscape
  • Don Rosa

    Don Rosa

    Legendary Creator of $crooge McDuck & Donald Duck omics
  • Will Rosado

    Will Rosado

    Comic Artist:GI Joe, Avengers Earth's Mightiest, & Detective Comics
  • Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan

    Actor in Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow, and voice actor
  • Noel Saabye

    Noel Saabye

    Artist & Animator: Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., Disney
  • Brandon Sanderson

    Brandon Sanderson

    2019 Literary Guest of Honor
  • Robert J. Sawyer

    Robert J. Sawyer

    Author of FlashForward, Starplex, Factoring Humanity, Calculating God
  • Allison Scagliotti

    Allison Scagliotti

    Actress in Warehouse 13, Drake and Josh, One Tree Hill, Eureka
  • William Shatner

    William Shatner

    Actor in Star Trek series and subsequent feature films
  • Mark A. Sheppard

    Mark A. Sheppard

    Actor in Supernatural, Battlestar Galatica, Firefly, Leverage
  • Anthony Simcoe

    Anthony Simcoe

    Actor in Farscape, The Castle
  • Marc Singer

    Marc Singer

    Actor in The Beastmaster, V, V: The Final Battle and Series
  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    Actress in Supernatural, Jerry Maguire, Criminal Minds
  • Thomas E. Sniegoski

    Thomas E. Sniegoski

    Author of The Fallen, A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, Atomic Frenchie
  • Michael Stackpole

    Michael Stackpole

    Novelist, graphic novelist, podcaster, game designer, screenwriter
  • Joe Staton

    Joe Staton

    Comic book artist: Green Lantern, Hulk, Dick Tracy, Co-creator of Huntress
  • S.M. Stirling

    S.M. Stirling

    Author of The Sea Peoples, Black Chamber, The Sky-Blue Wolves
  • William Stout

    William Stout

    American fantasy artist and illustrator.
  • Steven Strait

    Steven Strait

    Actor in The Expanse, Magic City, Sky High
  • Joonas Suotamo

    Joonas Suotamo

    Actor in Star Wars
  • George Takei

    George Takei

    Mr. Sulu in Star Trek, author, activist
  • Dave Tango

    Dave Tango

    Popular on Syfy show Ghost Hunters.
  • Catherine Tate

    Catherine Tate

    Actress in Doctor WhoThe Catherine Tate Show, the Office
  • Robin Lord Taylor

    Robin Lord Taylor

    Actor on The Walking Dead, John Wick 3, Gotham, Accepted
  • David Tennant

    David Tennant

    Actor in Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Good Omens, Broadchurch
  • Mark Texeira

    Mark Texeira

    Comic book Artist: Punisher, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight
  • Roy Thomas

    Roy Thomas

    Legendary Writer: Spider-man, FF, Conan, X-men. Creator of Red Sonja - Fri and Sat Only
  • Jill Thompson

    Jill Thompson

    Comic book Artist: Sandman, Wonder Woman. Creator of Scary Godmother
  • Keegan Connor Tracy

    Keegan Connor Tracy

    Actress in Once Upon a Time, Stargate SG-1, The Magicians
  • Lani John Tupu

    Lani John Tupu

    Actor in Farscape
  • Christopher Uminga

    Christopher Uminga

    Artist/Graphic Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley Collectibles
  • Karl Urban

    Karl Urban

    Actor in Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, The Boys
  • James Urbaniak

    James Urbaniak

    Voice actor in The Venture Bros., actor in Henry Fool, American Splendor
  • Dexter Vines

    Dexter Vines

    Comic Book Inker: Marvel’s Civil War, Old Man Logan, Superman/Batman
  • Aurelio Voltaire

    Aurelio Voltaire

    Performer and media personality
  • Christian Waggoner

    Christian Waggoner

    Photo-realistic Star Wars Reflection Artist
  • Garrett Wang

    Garrett Wang

  • David Weber

    David Weber

    Author of the Honor Harrington series, Empire of Man, Oath of Swords
  • Steve Whitmire

    Steve Whitmire

    Add new content here
  • Nafessa Williams

    Nafessa Williams

    Add new content here
  • Marv Wolfman

    Marv Wolfman

    Legendary Writer: New Teen Titans & Crisis. Creator: Blade, Black Cat
  • DB Woodside

    DB Woodside

    Actor in Lucifer, Suits, Parenthood, 24
  • Janny Wurts

    Janny Wurts

    Author of the Wars of Light and Shadows series
  • Derek Yaniger

    Derek Yaniger

    Artist known for his mid-century modern designs and rockabilly-tiki vibes
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    Author of the Saint-Germain series
  • William Zabka 5002

    William Zabka

    Actor in Karate Kid, its sequels, Cobra Kai
  • Timothy Zahn

    Timothy Zahn

    Author of Star Wars books and CobraDragonback
  • Nick Zano

    Nick Zano

    Actor in Legends of Tomorrow, Melrose Place, 2 Broke Girls, 90210
  • Arryn Zech

    Arryn Zech

    Voice actress in RWBY, Red vs. Blue
  • Chrissie Zullo

    Chrissie Zullo

    Cover artist: Archie, Vampirella, Fables. Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley


Due to professional commitments, the following previously confirmed guests will not be able to attend Dragon Con this year.

  • Ed Brisson
  • Bethany Brookshire
  • Robert Buckley
  • Rachel Caine
  • Osric Chau
  • Jason Cordova
  • Mason Spence Deaver
  • Larry Dixon
  • Michael Eklund
  • Kacey Ezell
  • Sean Galloway
  • Jeremy Gillula
  • Thomas Michael Gofton
  • Rachael Harris
  • John Hornor Jacobs
  • Rahul Kohli
  • Mercedes Lackey
  • Dirk Manning
  • Misty Massey
  • Jack McDevitt
  • Jorge Molina
  • James A. Moore
  • Marisol Nichols
  • Jai Nitz
  • Daniel Orrett
  • Justin K Parker
  • Mark Pellegrino
  • Cherie Priest
  • David Ramsey
  • Jill Robi
  • Naomi Romero
  • Cara Santa Maria
  • Dietrich O Smith
  • Jonathan Tarbox
  • Greg Tremblay






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