Dragon Con Updates

This is the news you’re looking for.

Dragon Con will be live and in-person from Sept. 2 to Sept. 6, 2021. And, Dragon Con Goes Virtual will be back online, streaming tons of Dragon Con goodness to a platform near you. It’s a hybrid approach that let’s every fan choose their own adventure.

We all know that Dragon Con is awesome and we all need a break from the reality of the past 15 months. Our goal, as always, is to have a safe and fun convention. This year, protecting the health and safety of our fans, volunteers, exhibitors, and guests as well as the hotel and restaurant employees who help make it all work means that we will have to make some changes.

The very best part of Dragon Con is the community. We know that you have each other’s backs, that you care for your fellow fan, and that you will follow the rules because it’s the right thing to do. We trust you to make good decisions.

As the nation continues to emerge from the pandemic, the rules and expectations are changing fast. We are working closely with the public health officials at the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Fulton County Health Department and the experts hired by our hotels to establish a set of health and safety protocols. We don’t know at this point what these ground rules will look like by Labor Day, but we are committed to communicating them as soon as the plan is finalized and at least 30 days before the convention.

For those who want to stay home, we have another episode of Dragon Con Goes Virtual, featuring overlapping coverage of the live convention and exclusive programming just for the platform from our amazing fan tracks. For those who missed it, last year’s version of Dragon Con Goes Virtual was unbelievable, with multiple channels of programming across three different platforms. Like the live convention, this year’s virtual convention will be smaller but packed with the same goodness including streaming, a virtual marketplace with artists and vendors, and so many opportunities to connect and interact on our social platforms it will make your head spin.

We’ve established this site to include updates and a running list of FAQ as we develop answers to them.  Remember the information on this page is ever changing and incomplete at this time.  To see how much things have changed in the past month is staggering and so positive that it gives us great hope moving forward, however, we know that flexibility is key this year and we are using it as a guiding principle in planning a wonderful and safe 2021 event.

And no, the app isn’t ready. We’ll let you know.

Are you having an in-person event?

Great question.  We believe the conditions of the pandemic have gotten to the point where we can safely run an event where we can come together, celebrate fandom, and see our favorite people after much too long.  Additionally, we will be offering streaming memberships for folks joining us from home or for our in-person attendees who simply want to catch up on all the things going on while they are enjoying the event.

Nice. I’m not sure I am entirely comfortable with attending an in-person event yet but loved Dragon Con Goes Virtual last year. What can I do to partake in the virtual offerings and what will it look like?

This year we will be offering a low price streaming membership of $10 to access all virtual content.  This will provide access to the live streams which will have a mix of content from the in-person event and a virtual only fan track channel for panels from your favorite track.  Additionally, we will host the virtual marketplace with any Dragon Con vendors and artists that choose to participate.  Last year we (and they) were blown away by your support and we received so much positive fan feedback, that we decided to make it part of our hybrid event so you can get your shop on from home.  We will also have several events, including some interactive, hosted across our social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

Are refunds and/or rollovers to the 2022 event being offered?

No, unfortunately not.  As an exception to our longstanding no refund policy, we allowed the opportunity for folks with a 2020 membership to either refund or rollover to 2021.  As a part of the rollover to 2021, came a thank you gift with a 2020 membership badge, face mask, and lanyard and the largest show of virtual programming of any convention around made public to everyone free of charge.  We are unfortunately not able to extend additional flexibility to memberships at this time.  We will, however, be providing free streaming memberships to anyone with a current membership who is unable to attend the in-person event.  To take advantage of this, simply email the office after July 1.

We will add that everything, especially during this COVID-19 era, is rapidly evolving. We are actively monitoring the situation and working with public health experts to ensure we provide the same level of safety for Dragon Con fans that we always have. Should we need to make any policy changes, you all will be the first to know.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to private message us or reach out to the office directly.

I live outside of the US and travel is not yet allowed. Is there anything I can do about my membership?

International fans with governmental travel restrictions are encouraged to contact the office directly.

Are hotels allowing guests to refund or rollover their hotels?

The policy of the hotels are owned by each individual property.  Since we are hosting an in-person event, the policies on our hotel contracts stand and refunds and rollovers cannot be extended as a new policy, however we have been in discussions with the hotels and understand they are handling individual cases based on their corporate policies during this pandemic.  Please reach out to the hotel directly to ask any specific questions on flexible options.

So, things are set in stone and we can expect everything we love about Dragon Con?

Not so fast there buddy.   We must remain flexible in this ever-changing world and adapt daily to new guidelines set forth by the government and CDC.  We are closely monitoring the COVID numbers, as well as so many other factors, and will base all decisions on what we feel we can safely deliver to our Dragon Con family.  This means that Dragon Con will most likely not look like it has in the past.  What that means exactly, we aren’t sure.  They always say you can never know exactly what to expect at Dragon Con until it is over.  That sentiment is truer this year than ever before, but we know we have the best fans in the universe and we are working hard to deliver an amazing experience to everyone who joins us.

What can we do to get ready for Dragon Con 2021?

First and foremost is taking care of yourself.  Make sure you follow CDC guidelines and continue good, healthy habits.  Get vaccinated when you can.  Science is amazing and we believe strongly in it and encourage everyone who is able to take the step and protect themselves, helping us get back to normalcy one shot and step at a time.  Secondly, be patient with us please.  We are working really hard to get decisions made (which often change before there is even a chance to communicate them because guidelines are changing that quickly as well) and communicated out to you.   And finally, finish up those cosplays, get with friends and plan your journey, and keep an eye on all of our social channels for the most updated information available.