Dragon Con Goes Virtual

There is no substitute for seeing our DC family IRL, but pull up a (computer) chair and let us bring con to you!

Give us what we want, what we really really want.

As you may have already heard, our little convention is going viral (and we don’t mean another pandemic. We’ve had enough of those). We’re traveling back to the early 1990s when the internet first became widely available and we weren’t spending our days sitting in the dark saying “wait, that was almost 30 years ago?” Back when the internet had that fresh, new world wide web smell, and the “dulcet” sounds of the Hamster Dance rang in our ears…pretty much daily. When technology is once again upending our world, we at Dragon Con are turning back to the nostalgic feel of (home) and bringing your favorite convention to you. Want to be a part of Dragon Con Goes Virtual? We would love that for sure! Check out several ways to be included with our first ever virtual event.

DC Love Notes

Missing Dragon Con and want to let us and your fellow fandom know what you love about Dragon Con?  Submit a 60 – 90 second video highlighting what you love about the convention and/or the community.  Please submit your Dragon Con Love Note by September 2nd.

Hallway Costume Contest

Want a chance to show off your best costume on Dragon Con’s social media?  What better way than to take our traditional Hallway Costume Contest virtual!  Enter the contest through completion of the registration form and be prepared to win great prizes including memberships to Dragon Con and other awesome swag!!  We will be awarding 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Overall and then lots of other honors based on genre and other cool things about your submissions.  We can’t wait for you to show off your finest (or most brilliant mash up, quirky pairing, hilarious and smart joke reflected through your costume, etc.) to our social media followers who will have a chance to vote on their favorites with the submissions that get the most votes crowned the winners.  Grab your best costume, plan your most “in character” pose, and just have a great time sharing your cosplays all for a chance to be recognized in our Sunday night Masquerade event and to win great prizes.

Entries are due by midnight on September 2nd.

*Please note, pre-judging may occur depending on the number of applicants received.

What To Expect When You're Expecting (a great virtual experience)

We fully acknowledge that a virtual event won’t come close to offering the magic that an in person Dragon Con brings, but it is our hope that it will allow our community to take some time to step off the planet that is currently experiencing an unprecedented global pandemic for four or five days to be among people who get you. People who are just like you. People who truly accept you. And hey, if you wanna cosplay in front of your computer…that’s cool, we will be doing the same (and running some awesome contests for you to show off your work!)

For real, what you can expect is three totally unique and awesome channels running throughout the event plus a whole slew of fun things going on across our social platforms.

  • The first channel will be our DCTVLand/Classics feed which will feature all sorts of content from years past.  Did you miss the John Barrowman panel with his gorgeous TARDIS dress on display?  We’ve got you.  Sad to have not yet seen the first show William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy shared the stage at Dragon Con?  We wouldn’t dream of excluding that gem.
  • The second channel will feature our amazing track programming, something that we truly believe sets us apart from all of the other conventions out there.  We have our 35+ tracks busy at work generating new content for you all to enjoy 24 hours a day.  No matter your interest, we have you covered.
  • The third and final channel, what we are considering to be the Main Channel, will highlight new guest programming, performances from quintessential Dragon Con performers, and two of the biggest and best costume contests we host each year among may other exciting programming items including our annual parade.

Don’t worry, if fan tracks are totally your thing, many of them are hosting a whole plethora of other content on their social media pages.  Be sure to bookmark those now and check it out over the weekend!  One of our biggest goals in building this virtual event was to recreate (on a much smaller level of course) the feeling of having SO much to do/watch, that you can hardly decide where to spend your time.

I’m a techie not a trekkie (or maybe both), give me the deets man!

We’ll be streaming DragonCon live primarily on our existing streaming site at https://dragoncon.tv/virtual. All 3 channels will be live on that site all weekend long, but because we’re streaming live for free, you’ll also be able to watch on a few other platforms:

  • Through the Vimeo iOS or Android App. Subscribe to https://vimeo.com/dragoncontv. This app also supports casting to devices through Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.
  • Select content like the Parade will also be streamed to our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/dragoncontv.
  • We also have a Roku channel so you’ll be able to watch on your big screen. If all else fails or you prefer not to click a link, you can just search for “Dragon Con” on the Roku channel store and we should be the first result.

After content airs live, it will be available on-demand at https://dragoncon.tv/videos. This will require a membership, but we’ve lowered the price to $10 for everyone so you can watch as much Dragon Con content as you want for another year after the live streams end.

Forget MS-DOS, Where is my Dragon Con Gaming?

Don’t have a “Meltdown!” We won’t leave all of you gamers “Alone in the Dark” by going virtual. If you’re “Commander Keen” on gaming, it’s your “Quest” to grab a “Paladin” (Get it? “pal and then?”) join us for the “Kaos” over on Discord for all-day gaming. This is the “Ultima” way to get your favorite Dragon Con gaming experience without spending your “Time Runners” over to AmericasMart Building 1 and playing “Frogger” over Peachtree Street.

Okay. We’re done with the game puns. We know they are “OverKill.”

That was the last one. Promise.

Dragon Con Goes Virtual will feature gaming from different genres including:

  • Role-playing games featuring D&D Adventurers League Pathfinder Adventures and Judge’s choice role-playing adventures. There will be organized role-playing game sessions twice a day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Video game tournaments of: Tekken 7, Dragonball FighterZ, and Rocket LeagueEach video game tournament will have a $500 prize bonus and awarded memberships for Dragon Con 2021 for the winners.
  • Interactive online interactive games featuring JackBox.
  • Social Deception games from Werewolf ATL featuring a Happy Hour Werewolf Event and a Virtual Costume Contest for the best Werewolf/Villager. Werewolf ATL will provide experienced moderators to provide the best social deception experience.  Events will be available from 7:00PM to 3:00AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Most Dragon Con gaming sessions will be organized through the Dragon Con Discord server and Tabletop Events.

But Dragon Con, I saved up all year for con! Now I'm Jean Ralphio and just ♪♫ fluh-uuuuush with caaaaash ♪♫.

Why we can certainly help with that!  We have been busy building a virtual Vendors Marketplace, Art Show, and Comic and Pop Artist Alley. Dragon Con Goes Virtual is bringing you a SIX day round the clock shopping experience with our amazing vendors and artists.  That’s right – no more waiting in line in the hot Georgia sun to get in and getting kicked out (nicely of course) before closing.  Just picture a vendor hall with aisles as wide as you can dream and all of the cool goodies you have come to know and love. For more information about the participating vendors and artists and our virtual marketplace visit our Vendor, Comic and Pop Artist Alley, and Art Show pages.

I Want the World. I Want the Whole World.

You may be asking yourself how on earth you can keep up with it all because you just want it ALL. We don’t expect for you to and we totally get it.  We will have all Dragon Con Goes Virtual programming available for playback through our $10 streaming memberships after the show, which is normally $30 for non-members – whoa, what a deal.  This streaming membership will also provide you access to our full programming catalog to really enjoy the nostalgia of Dragon Cons past if you just can’t get enough through our Dragon Con Goes Virtual experience. Visit dragoncon.tv to purchase your streaming membership, which lasts one full year from the date of first sign in.