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Alternate and Historical Fiction

The Alternate and Historical Fiction Track is the destination for times of “neverwas” and days of future “could-have-beens.” This year, the track mixes its special brand of entertainment with a new slant on the past, present, and future to those who love being in and out of time.

From fan panels about shows like Timeless and Man in the High Castle to our ever popular Alternate History Costuming series, there is something for all. Our highlights for 2017 include favorites such as the Annual Dragon Con Tea Duel, Vintage Vogue Fashion Show, and the return of last year's contests History or Alternate History and the Extreme Makover: Steampunk Edition. New this year are the Splendid Teapot Races, Temporal Empress' Ballroom Dance, and the Yesteryear Lagoon Pool Party.

Join us this year for the usual Sunday night celebration as we spend a night in the West with The Mechanical Masquerade: Frontier "A Night in the Old Weird West"! Any adventurer, explorer or even the merely curious will find something to amaze and delight within our track.

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