Calling All Fans!

These go to 11.

Jam-packed with legendary folks everywhere you look, these performers radiate amusement and entertainment with their uncanny talents.

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For a list of guests, performers, and attending professionals ordered by confirmation date:

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  • Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

    The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company was created in 1984 by Thomas E. Fuller, William Brown, and Patrick Stansbury. Their shows bring the immediacy of live theatre, the imagination of storytelling, and adventures in sound.

  • Atlanta Swing Orchestra

    The Atlanta Swing Orchestra is a group of musicians that really love to play the big band music that gets you tearing up the dance floor!  They are musicians who are dedicated to keeping the Great American Songbook alive by playing tunes from the 30s and 40s to modern classics.

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  • Bella's Bartok

    Bella's Bartok a combination of freak folk/American/rock'n'roll with a dance-able, pop-laden backbeat. Self dubbed as "foot stomping freak folk", Live your fantasy and embrace the stranger side of life with Bella's Bartok!

  • Black Sunshine

    DJ of all trades. Nairobi current, Atlanta-based, worldwide DJ known for rocking the party in any format! Touring DJ for Hotblack Desiato and Disaster Area. DANCE! 

  • Brobdingnagian Bards

    The Brobdingnagian Bards are back for a Dragon Con reunion! They take traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, mix it up with Lord of the Rings music to create a unique brand of Celtic Filk.

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  • Cruxshadows

    One of the most notable dark-wave bands internationally, The Crüxshadows\' motto is \"live, love, be, believe,\" and it serves as a reminder that while The Crüxshadows may write catchy songs, the band has depth that extends beyond the dance floor.

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  • Darkshift

    Darkshift is a DJ from the Atlanta area focused on EDM genre music (House, Techno, Main Stage, etc). You may remember him from years ago in the Atlanta Goth scene. He has now returned ready to take this crowd on a musical journey and have a blast doing it!

  • DJ Limit Break

    DJ Limit Break is a Twitch Partner from Chicago, IL. He usually performs several nights a week at nightclubs within the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, but he\'s traveled all the way from Eorzea to spin live at Dragon Con this year! Bring your cactuars and get ready for a night full of upbeat pop, EDM, video game remixes and more! Be sure to check him out on Twitch. 

  • DJ Neon the Glowgobear

    DJ Neon the Glowgobear brings a fun and festive energy to his eleventh year DJing and producing the fantastical Spectrum party, celebrating the GLBTQ community and our allies.

  • DJ Phasim

    DJ Phasim returns to Apocalypse Rising's Zombie Prom! Get ready for a dance experience that will raise the undead and bring the zombies to life on the dancefloor as he spins the latest hip-hop, dance, throwback and house remixes.

  • DJ Ryan Walker

    DJ Ryan Walker formally known as just Ryan Walker is an Atlanta native. He has been attending Dragon Con for over 6 years. As a huge nerd and fan DJing at Dragon Con has been a huge joy.

  • DJ Scapegoat

    Playing an eclectic mix of rock, dance, punk, and more at rock clubs and convention parties all over the UK, DJ Scapegoat has been providing the tunes for Dragon Con\'s Bunny Hutch kickoff party since 2015.

  • DJ Spider

    DJ based in Charlotte, NC with multiple genres under her belt, but currently focused on dance music with heavy EBM leanings. Big ol' cosplay and comic geek. Looking at my 10th year straight going to Dragon*Con 🙂

  • DJ System Fail

    Primarily a goth/industrial/EBM DJ with a residency at one of the largest goth/industrial nights in the southeast, but with the ability to weave into other popular dance genres such as New Wave, Trance, and dance hits.

  • DJ THX

    DJ THX has been the DJ for the 10 Forward dance for the last 7 years. He brings fun and high energy  music to the dance floor. He's been DJ'ing all kinds of events for over ten years. His wife, who is the director of the Miss Star Trek Universe pageant, and two daughters have been attending Dragon Con since 2008.

  • DJP

    An eternal veteran of Dragon Con and native to Atlanta, DJP is a friend to all types of costuming, music, and nightlife!

  • Dust Bowl Faeries

    Dust Bowl Faeries: Dark Carnival Dream Music - A faerie-tale fusion of dark cabaret, delirious polka and gothic spaghetti western music, Dust Bowl Faeries is a dark-carnival band from the New York Hudson Valley. The band\'s eclectic repertoire of songs draw inspiration from circus songs, murder ballads and Eastern European folk tunes.

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  • Foot Pound Force

    Get ready to be nerdy, get ready to rock, and get ready to laugh out loud. Better pay attention though, for there may be a quiz afterward from these rockin\' rocket scientists. Foot Pound Force, a band composed of more than its units.

  • Frenchy and the Punk

    Eclectic genre-bending New York Dark Alternative, Post-Punk Duo with French born singer and veteran punk rock guitarist. Sultry powerful vocals, live looped raucous guitar riffs, named top 25 duos in America by Yahoo Music. A rollicking two person powerhouse!

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  • Guitarmy of One

    The one-man Electro-Acoustic Spy Rock Surf Noir guitar instrumental act that is Frenchy and The Punk\'s own Rock N\' Roll Road Warrior, Scott Helland.

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  • Harlequin's Shadow

    A mixture of rock, filk, and a whole lot of neurodivergence - one person, one guitar. When literature, music, and mayhem collide, Harlequin\'s Shadow is somewhere in the middle of it all.

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  • Nathaniel Johnstone

    Nathaniel Johnstone is a multi-instrumentalistsinger/songwriter who sings about humanity, myth and whimsy. His unique soundis inspired by metal, jazz, punk, folk, rock, and blues from all over theworld, resulting in music that transcends boundaries of genre or theme.

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  • LandLochd

    Traditional and modern Celtic/Pirate music performed on guitar, mandolin, pennywhistle, fiddle.

  • LDOD

    Lips Down On Dixie is an Atlanta based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast which performs weekly Friday midnight shows at The Plaza Theater. Known nationally for their screen accuracy, the cast has made appearances at venues around the Southeast region including Masquerade, Club Future, Chamber, Tongue & Groove, and others.

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  • Mikey Mason

    Mikey Mason (She Don\'t Like FireflyBest Game Ever) is a ball of contagious enthusiasm who sings about role-playing games, sci-fi, fantasy, cats, and being a geek. He\'s been heard on Nerdist online, SyFy,, and Dr. Demento, and is a truly must-see event.

  • Mayhayley's Grave

    Southern gothic swing sensation, Mayhayley's Grave is a merry band of miscreants who bring a rockin' ragtime sound peppered with gypsy spirits. This big band hot jazz soundtrack of southern sin, hard livin', vigilante justice, and more than a touch of voodoo is dark and dance-able!

  • MC Lars

    MC Lars has performed at conventions like TooManyGames and Youmacon. He has been touring for about 15 years as well, with acts like Bowling For Soup, Vans Warped Tour, The Aquabats, MC Chris, Spose, etc.

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  • Nemesis

    Nemesis is a 20+ year veteran of smashing dance club floors in Boston, Atlanta, Tampa, Los Angeles, and a nine time Official Dragon Con performer. Catch this phenom performing 3 different sets of music: Thursday @ 8-Bit Bash,  Friday @ Late Night Rave, and Saturday @ The Last Party on Alderaan! Check out for more.

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  • Palmetto Knights

    The Palmetto Knights is a historic steel combat team that brings all of their sword clashing and live fighting to center stage. These European weapon and armor experts will expand your mind with their wide array of panels and then blow your mind with intense combat tournaments.

  • Beth Patterson

    Beth Patterson brings a smattering of original, filk, bawdy, and Celtic music to the table. Playing the eight-stringed Irish bouzouki, her show is full of humor and banter with the audience.

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  • Triforce Quartet

    The Triforce Quartet is a traditional string quartet that plays original covers of video game music. TQ has played in front of sold out shows at PAX Prime in Seattle, PAX East in Boston; MAGFest in Washington DC, the iDIG Music Festival in Ireland; and many places with Video Games Live!

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  • Steel Samurai

    You know that game you rented once when you were 9 and loved it and the music was amazing and almost no one covers it? Steel Samurai plays those deep cut VGM classics just for you.

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  • The Blibbering Humdingers

    Acoustic nerd rock for gamers, geeks, galactic guardians, browncoats, centaurs, and mandalorians; hobbits, elves, wizard gangsters, avengers, defenders, and black-belt hamsters; elder gods, small gods, fans of Tripod; Fremen, Atredies, Houses of the Landsraad; Hufflepuff sandwiches, pitches & snitches, and trans-inclusive feminist witches. Listen to the songs of our people.

  • The Cybertronic Spree

    Take real life Transformers playing music from Transformers the Movie in true 80's metal style. Add in samplings from anime, genre and videogame crowd pleasers then combine with awesome original material for one unforgettable night of robot rock.

  • The Faithful Sidekicks

    The Faithful Sidekicks are an award-winning comedic geek folk-pop/filk duo who write and perform original catchy songs about fandoms, gaming, and technology. Winner of the 2021 Best Performer Pegasus Award. Fun songs with a ton of heart and a touch of snark for nerds, geeks and fans of all kinds.

  • The Gekkos

    Hailing from Orlando, Florida, The Gekkos are the greatest goth nerd polka band in the multiverse. Comprised of brothers Jared on accordion and Zack on keytar, The Gekkos are sure to get you pumped and ready to get weird and spooky!

  • The Taj Motel Trio

    The Taj Motel Trio is a ska punk band from North Georgia, with a full rhythm section and 4 piece horn line. We\'re currently playing shows around the southeast and putting in the work on recording new music.

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  • Valentine Wolfe

    A symphony of darkness, Valentine Wolfe performs music inspired by seances, 19th century gothic literature, macabre history, and death positivity. Combining the haunting soprano of Sarah Black and the bleak maelstrom of Braxton Ballew\'s solo double bass, they relentlessly follow their own muse, creating gothic metal and dark ambient soundscapes.

  • Vision Video

    Goth Rock band from Athens, Georgia featuring highly energetic, meaningful and engaging live performances.

  • Aurelio Voltaire

    Aurelio Voltaire is often described as a modern day renaissance man. He is a singer, performer, author, creator of comic books, films, animation, toys, and home decor.

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  • Wakefire

    Wakefire takes an unorthodox approach to the traditional. They are here to create a new sound to delight and surprise any who would hear. They tell stories and create sounds to move the heart and body with a combination of Celtic Rock, Slavic Punk, and Americana Pop. 

  • Wasted Wine

    Wasted Wine is a 4 piece band that performs eclectic shows and festivals in the South-East. Their music is dark, theatrical, funny, and lively. Their songs frequently cover the esoteric, however their music is designed to get people moving. Think Golgol Bordello meets Nick Cave! 


Due to professional commitments, the following previously confirmed guests will not be able to attend Dragon Con this year.

  • Cristina Amaya
  • Jason Azevedo
  • Carlo Barberi
  • Julie Bell
  • Sweeney Boo
  • Bruce Boxleitner
  • Cullen Bunn
  • Chesya Burke
  • R. E. Carr
  • Corey Castellano
  • Elemental Cosplay
  • Robin Cutler
  • JC De La Torre
  • Rita De La Torre
  • Nicholas Eames
  • Brandon Richard Fibbs
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Ale Garza
  • Chris Gauthier
  • Thomas Gofton
  • Stephen Granade
  • Jen L. Grey
  • Clay Shepard Griffith
  • Susan Anna Griffith
  • Scott Grimes
  • Kira Hall
  • Marion G Harmon
  • Thomas Harper
  • Rick Heinz
  • Tiago Balgan Henriques
  • Greg Hildebrandt
  • Brian Hurtt
  • Richard Kadrey
  • Emily Stewart Lakdawalla
  • Lothlenan
  • Michael Mammay
  • Jonboy Meyers
  • James Minz
  • Rebecca Moesta
  • Rob Mulligan
  • Amy J. Murphy
  • Larry Niven
  • Richard Allen Partlow
  • Tyler Pelfrey
  • Gregory George Peters
  • Adam Pranica
  • Kelly Robinson
  • David S Shiffman
  • Van Siegling
  • Tom Smith
  • Sparkle Stache
  • Kyle Mackenzie Sullivan
  • Jessica Szohr
  • Jack Trammell
  • Daisy Viktoria
  • Benjamin Wallace
  • Holly West
  • Jodie Whittaker
  • Michael G. Williams
  • Sadie Witkowski