Calling All Fans!

These go to 11.

Jam-packed with legendary folks everywhere you look, these performers radiate amusement and entertainment with their uncanny talents.

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For a list of guests, performers, and attending professionals ordered by confirmation date:

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  • Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

    Atlanta Radio Theatre Company has performed live, original audio drama at Dragon Con since the very beginning.

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  • Black Sunshine

    Versatile DJ known for rockin the crowds at DragonCon!

  • Brobdingnagian Bards

    The Brobdingnagian Bards are back for a Dragon Con reunion! They take traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, mix it up with Lord of the Rings music to create a unique brand of Celtic Filk.

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  • The Doubleclicks

    The Doubleclicks are a sibling music duo who perform songs about cats, dinosaurs, games, queer feelings, and other things that you like. Their latest album was #1 on the Billboard comedy albums chart and they've toured the world.

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  • Frenchy and the Punk

    Eclectic genre-bending New York Cabaret Rock Duo w/french born singer and veteran punk rock guitarist. Sultry powerful vocals, live looped raucous guitar riffs, named top 25 duos in America by Yahoo Music. A rollicking two person powerhouse. Fun with a capital F!

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  • Guitarmy of One

    The one-man Electro-Acoustic Spy Rock Surf Noir guitar instrumental act that is Frenchy and The Punk's own Rock N' Roll Road Warrior, Scott Helland.

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  • Hawthorn & Holly

    Hawthorn & Holly are a pop punk band that plays songs about Harry Potter. Started in 2007, these wizards hail from Charlotte, NC.

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  • Jess-O-Lantern

    Jess-O-Lantern is a spooky songstress! She is acoustic horrorpunk with a a graveyard! She has performed at conventions such as Dragon Con, Horror Hound Weekend, and more, and shared the stage stage with spooky songwriters such as Aurelio Voltaire and Argyle Goolsby. To Jess-O-Lantern, EVERY DAY IS HALLOWEEN!

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  • LDOD

    LDOD is an Atlanta based Rocky Horror Picture Show cast which performs weekly Friday midnight shows at The Plaza Theater. Known nationally for their screen accuracy, the cast has made appearances at venues around the Southeast region including Masquerade, Club Future, Chamber, Tongue & Groove, and others.

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  • Marquis Of Vaudeville

    The group is known the world over for their progressive, carnival-esque, punk-cabaret stylings, fusing timeworn elements of the old world with newfangled innovation, a sound they've dubbed 'melodic mischief' due to the music's mysterious, yet playful nature.

  • Mikey Mason

    Mikey (She Don’t Like Firefly, Best Game Ever) is a ball of contagious enthusiasm who sings about role-playing games, sci-fi, fantasy, cats, and being a geek. He’s been heard on, SyFy,, and Dr. Demento, and is a truly must-see event.

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  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith has been breaking hearts, shattering minds, and violating rules of propriety since 1985. His quirky mix of fannish sensibilities, outrageous puns, high-energy folk-rock-etc., and audience interaction
    has resulted in over two dozen albums and a fan base that extends around the world.

  • Cybertronic Spree

    More than meets the eye, The Cybertronic Spree are here on Earth with one critical mission: To party like it’s 1986! Join Hotrod, Arcee, Rumble, Unicron, Soundwave, Bumblebee, Shockwave and a Quintesson as they prove they’ve got the power to light your darkest hour.

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  • The Faithful Sidekicks

    The Faithful Sidekicks are an award-winning comedic geek rock duo who write and perform original catchy geeky songs about gaming, technology and sci-fi. With songs ranging from indie-rock about Pandemic to love songs written in SQL Code, these multi-Pegasus nominated artists have something fun for every kind of fan.

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  • Valentine Wolfe

    Valentine Wolfe is a neoclassical metal/gothic ambient duo consisting of soprano, solo double bass, and prepared electronics. Inspired by seances, post-mortem photography, and gothic literature, their most recent release is 2020’s Only Gossamer My Gown, a celebration of the macabre works of Emily Dickinson.


Due to professional commitments, the following previously confirmed guests will not be able to attend Dragon Con this year.

  • Stephen Adams
  • Lou Anders
  • Eric R. Asher
  • Ariana Bauer
  • RJ Blain
  • Ed Brisson
  • Bethany Brookshire
  • Jason Bulmahn
  • Jim Butcher
  • R E Carr
  • Kara J Chappell
  • Russell Davis
  • William F Fairchild
  • Dustin M. Fletcher
  • Jason Fry
  • Amanda Goodbread
  • Clay and Susan Griffith
  • Charon E Henning
  • Henry Herz
  • Nick Householder
  • Daniel S Humphreys
  • Faith Hunter
  • Les Johnson
  • EM Kaplan
  • L. Jagi Lamplighter
  • Alex LaVelle
  • Todd Lockwood
  • Don Maitz
  • Sarah Milkovich
  • Amy J. Murphy
  • Diana Peterfreund
  • Frank Puricelli
  • John D. Ringo
  • Andy Runton
  • Noel Saabye
  • Robert J. Sawyer
  • Smashie
  • Anne Sowards
  • Jeanne C. Stein
  • Scott Sutherland
  • Hayley Tsukayama
  • Janny Wurts