Dragon Con, Game on.

Join thousands in a world of limitless adventures.

Don’t have a “Meltdown!” We won’t leave all of you gamers “Alone in the Dark” by going virtual. If you’re “Commander Keen” on gaming, it’s your “Quest” to grab a “Paladin” (Get it? “pal and then?”) join us for the “Kaos” for all-day gaming. This is the “Ultima” way to get your favorite Dragon Con gaming experience without spending your “Time Runners” over to AmericasMart Building 3 and playing “Frogger” over Peachtree Street.

Okay. We’re done with the game puns. We know they are “OverKill.”

That was the last one. Promise.


Campaign Role-Playing Games

This year, Campaign Gaming will be offering at least six signature campaigns. 5 are yearly staples and continue to grow – Paizo’s Pathfinder Society (PFS), Paizo’s Starfinder Society (SFS), Paizo’s Adventure Card Game (ACG), WotC’s D&D Adventurers League (DDAL) including D&D On Demand, and Catalyst Labs’ ShadowRun Missions (SRM). 1 is relatively new to Campaign Gaming – Torg Eternity, with free information for this campaign offering here.

At present, we do not have a firm commitment on the specific events that will be offered, as release schedules for events have not been finalized by the various companies that offer Campaign style gaming. When current release schedules are available (ensuring the ability to provide the newest event scenarios while being able to guarantee these scenarios will be received in a timely fashion for the show), we will update the Gaming Registration website. All event scheduling should be available for the final Gaming Guide. Campaign Gaming will be in Atlanta’s Mart Building 3, 2nd Floor (note, all Gaming will be in Mart Building 3 this year, unlike previous years). Exact locations of each event will be updated closer to the show.

Events are open for registration at

Non-Campaign Role-Playing Games

You have seen the movie (well some of you have), now play the game (and when we say the game, we mean many different game systems). The plans are for multiple flavors of D&D as well as Pathfinder, Fate, Pendragon, GURPS, Savage Worlds, Imagine, and more. Come up to see us on the 2nd floor, conveniently accessible by elevator, escalator, stairs, habitrail, and teleport. And remember, the gaming starts Thursday night at 7 pm. That is an hour earlier than last year because of dimensional inconsistencies.

We are looking for people on both sides of the game master screen. Both players to explore the worlds created by others, and game masters to create those worlds for others to explore. Non-Campaign means a role-playing game where you will play a character provided by the game master for generally one game slot. To find out more information about the roleplaying options and all of gaming, check out the registration website at

Video Gaming

Dragon Con 2022 will feature PC and consoles and all the equipment necessary for open play and tournament gaming. Feel free to bring your own controller and/or headset.

A full schedule of events and tournaments will be updated soon and will be included in the Progress Report.


Collectible Card Gaming

The roster of Magic: The Gathering events includes: 24-hour League and Eight Player Drafts, Innistrad Duo Sealed, Alara Block Draft, Commander Legends Battle for Baldur’s Gate, Dominaria United Draft, and Sealed, plus many other formats.Drafts on Demand during all open hours of the Gaming Hall each day.

Dedicated Command Zone.

With a dedicated Command Zone, players can get their battleship Magic fix all weekend long. Constructed, Sealed, Draft, 2-Headed Giant, Emperor, 1V1, Spelltable, Oathbreaker – whatever flavor of Commander you want, The Command Zone is where you’ll find it! Once pre-registration is open, registered players will get expanded access and a host of specialty items.

Pre-release events for the newest release: Wilds of Eldraine
Dragon Con will feature tournaments focused on Wilds of Eldraine as well as the recently released Lord of the Rings edition, which garnered worldwide attention when it was released in June. Fans will be able to purchase starter and expansion packs for tournament play for both Lord of the Rings Wilds of Eldraine. A full slate of Commander League, Convention League, Drafts, and Sealed Commander events will also be available.

All Weekend Events:
MTG Quick Launch Drafts
League play, pay once, play all weekend
Command Zone

Daily, Thursday through Sunday
Ascension Tournaments
MTG Sealed including 2HG, 4 Pack Sealed, Trio Box Sealed, RePre with packs across MTG’s history
Sealed Commander w/ Preconstructed Decks included: Pods and Grand Melee
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Sealed and Draft

Dragon Con is also excited to bring back many popular legacy card games such as: Lord of the Rings TCG: Check out our Cube Draft of one of the most popular licensed games ever. Star Wars CCG Cube Draft, Star Trek CCG 1st Edition, 2nd Edition and Tribbles! As well as other classics. Also, Returning to Dragon Con after many years of absence is Yu-Gi-Oh! And we’re looking forward to popular new fresh games such as Flesh and Blood!

Rose Tatu Productions returns to again to Dragon Con to teach and play card-based games throughout the entire con. Card-based games may be fast and fun, or they can be complex and full of strategy. Rose Tatu Productions will be teaching many stand-alone games that are played mostly, just with cards. The cards will tell you what they can do, but you decide how best to play each one. We will have some hot new games such as “Ark Nova” and “Dune Imperium” along with classics like “Vampire: The Eternal Struggle” and “Android: Netrunner”. Come by and learn games such as Century Spice Road, Fields of Green, 7 Wonders, Dixit, Arkham Horror LCG, and more. Set learning and demo times can be found in the Dragon Con App or in the Dragon Con Gaming Guide.

We will also feature Dead Collectible Card Games. Do you miss sailing the 7 Seas, dodging 10,000 bullets in Shadow Fist, Finding the Truth in the X-Files? Stop by Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to sign up! Then Bring out your Dead card games to play with others anytime during free play!

You can register for scheduled events at

National Security Decision Making Game

The fine folks from the National Security Decision Making Game (NSDMG) will return to the convention this year. If you pay attention to the news or current events or have an interest in military and geopolitics, it is a hoot!

They will be running different formats of their game, plus giving some great lectures and panels. They focus on contemporary, historical and futuristic geopolitical, military, technological, and economic issues.

In the NSDM political, military, and economic role-playing game: “You players are the congress. You over there, you’re the Cabinet. You folks in the corner are the Joint Chiefs. This guy’s the President. The scenario is: it’s the world as you know it today. Fix it. You may start now.”

New issues and problems arise in every game with different nations in play, showing a range of real issues across the world and modeling a number of different political systems through which the players navigate. Can you affect Iranian policy as the US? Can you take on the Ukraine playing Russia? As China, can you keep the West from interfering with your ascent to superpower status? And how do you solve a problem like Korea? Several of the games are earmarked specifically for science fiction and futuristic themes such as artificial intelligence and robotics, space exploration and exploitation, nuclear reactor disasters, electromagnetic pulse, supervolcanoes, and of course, pandemics.

Games are available every day, no extra ticket is required, and the schedule is available in the Dragon Con app. Events are held in the Westin.

LARPS Werewolf (Social Deception Gaming)

Live Action Role-Playing Games (LARPs): where theater meets tabletop gaming! This year, LARPs is pleased to offer events from our returning fan-favorite productions, as well as some exciting games that will be making their Dragon Con debut. For those LARP games that run continually throughout the year, we will have “display-only” tables staffed and ready to answer your questions. In AmericasMart Building 3. As the schedule is finalized, we will update the gaming registration website. We look forward to presenting many different opportunities in a variety of styles and formats for everyone, from the novice to the experienced LARPer, and even a few for those curious about LARPs.

Long a staple of Dragon Con gaming, Werewolf has their own dedicated gaming space since 2017. Are you ready to lie and deceive your friends? Located on the 14 th Floor of the Westin, The Social Deception group at Dragon Con presents 4 days of Social Deception gaming! Our regular business hours will be available 12:00 PM to 5:00 AM Thursday – Monday. The Social Deception group provides experienced moderators to give you the best social deception experience! Join us for your favorites – Ultimate Werewolf, Witch-hunt, Secret Hitler, Two Rooms and a Boom, and more! A social deception gaming library will be available. In addition, we will be giving away prizes all weekend! All that is required to play is a Dragon Con Werewolf sticker (and of course Dragon Con membership)!

Miniature Gaming

Let’s sling some paint! Paint & Take will be in the same space with a new selection of minis!! Participate, take classes, and have some fun.

Have you heard of Tanares Adventures? We will have new minis from this very successful Kickstarter. The dragons are ginormous, and available in Paint & Take. Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay returns with Panda Cult Games showing off their Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels. X-Wing and IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past will be back with the Dark Knight himself, Batman!! We will have Games Workshop returning with Warhammer 40K. Classic BattleTech just gets bigger and bigger with more playspace. Don’t forget to come play BattleQuest. Marvel Crisis Protocol, and WizKids HeroClix.

You can register for scheduled events at

Board Gaming

Dragon Con offers non-stop board gaming for $10 for the entire weekend! Dragon Con Board Games opens on Thursday afternoon and stays open until 2 AM nightly through Monday afternoon. Board Game Memberships can be purchased in advance or on-site at Gaming Registration or the Board Games checkout desk.
Returning this year is an opportunity to take home games that you have played throughout the weekend. Dragon Con will have a library of Play to Win games in the library. Drawing will take place on Sunday evening, and winners have until 2 PM Monday to claim their games. Learn a new game and, at the same time, have the chance to take a copy home with you.

Members can select from the Dragon Con board games library of over 450 games and ply their skills versus the best that the con has to offer. The board games area is a great place to relax with a game, and people watch while enjoying the large selection of games from major board game manufacturers as well as independents.
New to our tournament schedule SCRABBLE! additionally, we will have scheduled tournaments for Settlers of Catan, King of Tokyo/New York, and Ticket to Ride. Please check out our tournament offerings at

The board games area is also great for learning how to play and perfect strategies for games you may be thinking of purchasing for your home library. Some of the most popular titles will be available to try, as well as many classic games. The Dragon Con board games library offers you an opportunity to try before you buy, and our volunteers can help you figure out how to play even the most obscure of games.

You can register for scheduled events at

Artemis Starship Bridge Simulator

Join a crew (or TWO) on our fully interactive Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator. It’s a LAN party/LARP/Escape Room mashup experience you can’t duplicate online!
You and your friends assume the roles of Captain, Helm, Science, Weapons, Communications, and Fighter Pilots to operate the Terran Stellar Navy spaceship, Artemis.

Captain: Channel your inner Kirk/Picard/Janeway and make the tough choices.
Helm: Ahead warp factor 1, then slow to impulse and hard to starboard. Bring us behind the enemy fleet just outside torpedo range…
Weapons: Load… lock… fire! Turn big enemy ships into small pieces. Just don’t fire nukes at point-blank range; go for beam weapons instead.
Science: Scan the sector, find the enemies, and check for secret intel and weaknesses. Watch out for cloaked ships.
Communications: Incoming message! Our space station is under attack! Taunt the enemy fleet leader to draw them away from the base, then call for reinforcements from other Terran vessels.
Engineering: Power and cooling are the name of the game. Boost power to warp to get us there, to weapons for more boom, and to shields when we’re getting toasted! Give it all she’s got!
Fighter: The Artemis can launch up to 2 single-pilot fighter craft to join the fight and add a bit more punch.
Your crew’s success–or failure–depends on your ability to follow the Captain’s orders and work together to defend Terran bases against an alien invasion. This event is a 6 to 8 player experience, suitable for ages 10+. Don’t have a group large enough for a full crew? No problem! Sign up and join with another small party and make new friends! Tickets are available at or in-person at Westin Ansley Room 7.

Save Point

Please welcome Save Point to the gaming area in America’s Mart building 3 for #DragonCon2022! They were such a blast at #MomoCon2022, it was a no-brainer to bring them back to Atlanta.  All games will be free to play, 24 hours a day until Monday at 5:00PM

Joystick Gamebar

Our local friends at Joystick Gamebar will be providing classic arcade cabinets in the main Gaming Hall in AmericasMart Building 3 during hall operating hours – all free to play for Dragon Con members.

LAN Games & E-Tournaments

LAN Gaming will have all your favorite PC games, including STEAM and Battlenet access, plus classic and new titles on the consoles for the Switch, NES, NES Classic, XBox One, WiiU, and PS4. Players need to bring their own headsets for PC gaming and are welcome to bring their own controllers for console gaming.

The eTournaments track at Dragon Con is back again this year for your competitive video gaming needs. With PC and console gaming tournaments ranging from Valorant to League of Legends, Smash Ultimate to Street Fighter 6, Guilty Gear Strive to Teamfight Tactics, and more! There is a tournament for everyone.

There will even be some free-to-enter challenge events over the weekend that anyone can try, with the top player each day earning some Dragon Con coins. All events, unless stated otherwise, will be Bring Your Own Controller.   Online registration can be found at, with the registration page opening up on July 1st.

Tabletop Gaming

The Tabletop Gaming Track represents designers, players, and professionals involved in the pulp gaming industry. If your game involves paper or cardboard – we here to represent!

We’re back again this year with more amazing content. This year, we are proud to announce a partnership with Kobold Press who is developing their runaway hit system – TALES OF THE VALIANT – which has already raised over one million dollars on Kickstarter.

This year, our theme will be MONSTERS, and in that regard, you can look forwards to numerous panels on monsters of all kinds, from the terrifying monsters of the horror genre, to majestic dragons, to tactical and clever monsters on the tabletop. To help us with our theme will be Dr. Emily Zarka, who is the host of PBS’s Monstrum. Check out Monstrum on YouTube if you haven’t already! It’s a wonderfully nerdy look at monsters throughout the realm of folklore.

A complete schedule for all of our panels will be available in the Dragon Con app.