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We’re working all year to bring you an amazing lineup of creators, writers, artists, actors, illustrators, and creative minds. Stay tuned, as we’re in the process of booking talent for this year’s show!

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2023 Featured Guests

  • Omid Abtahi

    Omid Abtahi

    Actor best known for his roles in American Gods and The Mandalorian on Disney+.
  • Russ Adams

    Russ Adams

    Award-winning special effects artist from Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge.
  • Kevin J. Anderson

    Kevin J. Anderson

    Author of Clockwork Angels, Saga of Seven Suns, Terra Incognita, and Dune universes.
  • Dino Andrade

    Dino Andrade

    Voice actor in New Looney Tunes, World of Warcraft, Arkham Asylum.
  • Andrew Aydin

    Andrew Aydin

    #1 New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award winner
  • Andy Belanger

    Andy Belanger

    Comic book artist of WWE Comics, Kill Shakespeare, & Southern Cross
  • Sweeney Boo

    Sweeney Boo

    Comic Artist and Illustrator. Eat, & Love Yourself, and Over My Dead Body
  • Ed Brisson

    Ed Brisson

    Comic book writer of Sheltered, The Field, The Mantle, and The Violent
  • Chuck Brown

    Chuck Brown

    Eisner and Ringo award-winning comic book writer
  • Cullen Bunn

    Cullen Bunn

    Comic book writer of The Sixth Gun, Harrow County, and Uncanny X-Men
  • Michael Cho

    Michael Cho

    Cho is a freelance cartoonist/illustrator who has drawn for publishers including Marvel, DC, Image, Boom, among others.
  • Shawn Crystal

    Shawn Crystal

    Comic Book Artist of Deadpool, Arkham Manor, and Mother Panic
  • Sam de la Rosa

    Sam de la Rosa

    Comic book artist best known for his work on Venom among other titles
  • Jeff Dekal

    Jeff Dekal

    Comic Book Cover Artist: Iron Fist, Journey Into Mystery, and Thanos
  • Nathan Fillion

    Nathan Fillion

    Known for Firefly, Serenity, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Castle, and The Rookie.
  • Chandra Free

    Chandra Free

    Writer/Artist of The God Machine graphic novel series, and co-founder of Machina Corpse
  • Ale Garza

    Ale Garza

    Talented penciler and cover artist. Ninja Boy, Sky Runner, Deadpool, Superman/Batman
  • Mandip Gill

    Mandip Gill

    Companion Yasmin Khan in Doctor Who
  • Bill Golliher

    Bill Golliher

    Archie Comics artist and writer for the past 30 years
  • Claudia Gray

    Claudia Gray

    New York Times bestselling author and graphic novelist
  • Erin Gray

    Erin Gray

    Actress in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
  • Yaya Han

    Yaya Han

    Costume designer, model, and cosplay entertainer 
  • Scott Hanna

    Scott Hanna

    Top Comic Book Inker for DC & Marvel Comics
  • Richard Harmon

    Richard Harmon

    Known for The 100, The Killing, and Continuum.
  • Marcus Harvey

    Marcus Harvey

    Member of the Ghost Brothers
  • Jeff

    Jeff "Jeffro" Headlee

    Part of the Mountain Monsters crew
  • Greg Hildebrandt

    Greg Hildebrandt

    2023 Artist Guest of Honor and iconic illustrator.
  • Tini Howard

    Tini Howard

    Comic book writer best known for her work on X-Men, Excalibur, and Thanos
  • Georges Jeanty

    Georges Jeanty

    Eisner winning artist: Buffy, Angel, Batwoman, Star Wars The High Republic, The Mandalorian
  • Jason Keith

    Jason Keith

    Eisner Award nominated color artist
  • Mike Kunkel

    Mike Kunkel

    Award winning cartoonist. Creator of Herobear and the Kid.
  • Creees Lee

    Creees Lee

    Comics Cover Artist who has worked for Image, Dynamite, and Chapterhouse Comics
  • Jae Lee

    Jae Lee

    Eisner Winning artist: Inhumans, Dark Tower, Ozymandias, Batman/ Superman
  • Joe

    Joe "Huckleberry" Lott

    Part of the Moutain Monsters crew
  • Jacob

    Jacob "Buck" Lowe

    Part of the Mountain Monsters crew
  • Ant Lucia

    Ant Lucia

    Comic artist and creator of DC Comics Bombshells
  • David Mack

    David Mack

    Author/artist of Kabuki, writer of Daredevil
  • Sam Maggs

    Sam Maggs

    Sam Maggs is a bestselling author of books, comics, TV, and video games.
  • Sean Maher

    Sean Maher

    Dr. Simon Tam on Firefly and Serenity
  • Juwan Mass

    Juwan Mass

    Member of Ghost Brothers
  • Mark Meer

    Mark Meer

    Voice of Commander Shepard, Blasto, the Vorcha, Niftu Cal, and more in Mass Effect
  • Jonboy Meyers

    Jonboy Meyers

    Illustrator, cover artist, concept designer, and creator for toys, animation, video games, comic books, and film
  • Bob Morley

    Bob Morley

    Best known for playing Bellamy Blake on The 100.
  • Bill

    Bill "Wild Bill" Neff

    Part of the Mountain Monsters crew.
  • Larry Niven

    Larry Niven

    Author of RingworldLucifer's Hammer, Footfall, Neutron Star
  •  Nooligan


    Artist/Graphic Designer: DC Comics Artist Alley Collectibles
  • Jody Lynn Nye

    Jody Lynn Nye

    Author of Rhythm of the ImperiumMoon TracksMyth-Fits among others.
  • Katy O'Brian

    Katy O'Brian

    Actor best known for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Z Nation, and The Mandalorian.
  • Ande Parks

    Ande Parks

    Comic Book Artist/Writer. Green Arrow, Union Station, and Capote in Kansas
  • Carl J. Potts

    Carl J. Potts

    Former Executive Editor at Marvel Comics
  • Freddie Prinze Jr

    Freddie Prinze Jr

    Known for I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scooby-Doo, Star Wars Rebels
  • Aaron Reynolds

    Aaron Reynolds

    Author of Effin' Birds
  • Mark Russell

    Mark Russell

    GLAAD and Eisner Award-winning writer of Not All Robots, The Flintstones, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles.
  • Robert J. Sawyer

    Robert J. Sawyer

    Author of FlashForward, Starplex, Factoring Humanity, Calculating God
  • Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis

    Actor best known for Lord of the Rings, HobbitPlanet of the Apes, and Star Wars. Appearing Sunday only.
  • Michael Shelfer

    Michael Shelfer

    Comics artist for over 20 years! Dune: House Harkonnen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Elvis the Graphic Novel
  • Dietrich O Smith

    Dietrich O Smith

    Prolific comic book artist known for Superman, Spiderman, and Shaft among others.
  • Dalen Spratt

    Dalen Spratt

    Member of the Ghost Brothers
  • Michael A. Stackpole

    Michael A. Stackpole

    New York Times best selling author of Rogue Squadron and I, Jedi.
  • Jewel Staite

    Jewel Staite

    Best known for roles in Firefly, Serenity and Stargate Atlantis
  • S. M. Stirling

    S. M. Stirling

    Author of The Sea Peoples, Black Chamber, The Sky-Blue Wolves
  • William Stout

    William Stout

    American fantasy artist and illustrator.
  •  Sway


    Comic book artist on Star WarsBlack WidowWonder Woman, and Miles Morales among others
  • Eliza Taylor

    Eliza Taylor

    Best known for playing Clarke Griffin on The 100
  • Jodie Whittaker

    Jodie Whittaker

    Thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who and Beth Latimer in Broadchurch
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    2023 Literary Guest of Honor, Horror Grand Master, and Author of the Saint-Germain series.
  • Timothy Zahn

    Timothy Zahn

    Author of Star Wars books and Cobra, and Dragonback.
  • Jim Zub

    Jim Zub

    Comic Book Artist/Writer. Uncanny Avengers, Skullkickers, and Wayward


The following previously confirmed guests are unfortunately not able to attend this year’s Dragon Con.

  • JC De La Torre
  • Rita De La Torre
  • Rebecca Moesta
  • Rob Mulligan
  • Holly West