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Dragon Con is proud to display the work of some of the most incredibly talented artists in fandom. Meet living legends and emerging artists to find the perfect thing for your walls – or just enjoy the show.

The Dragon Con Art Show is a large and diverse event. Hundreds of artists from different mediums display and sell their one-of-a-kind pieces and prints to thousands of art buyers from around the world. Not only can you see amazing art, but you can also participate in dynamic programming throughout the show. It is rare opportunity for the con goer to spend time with their favorite artists and watch their artwork come to life. The Dragon Con Art Show prides itself on celebrating the pioneers in Sci-fi and Fantasy art while showcasing the next generation of up and coming artists. We promise you won’t be disappointed in all that the art show has to offer!

Attention Artists!

The 2019 Dragon Con Art Show took on a new look and feel and that was wildly successful.  We offered a new gallery, as well as, enabled individual artists to showcase their own art in their own space and enabled one-on-one interaction. Each artist was able to display not only their original, one-of-a-kind artwork, but also the thousands of prints and different mediums to showcase.  We were overwhelmed by the response in the number of 2019 applications we received and as a result, we were able to welcome some of the best artists from around the world.

Art Show Awards

Winning a Dragon Con Art Show award is a very prestigious honor.  While the featured guest artists determine many of the award winners, the convention attendees are a very important part of the process and may vote on the section of Art Awards called the Attendees Choice Awards. Fans may pick up a ballot at one of the ballot box locations in the room. As the attendee walks through the Art Show Gallery, they simply fill out the ballot with their vote for each category and then drop it into one of the ballot boxes located throughout the Art Show. Please check the “You Are Here” maps or ask one of the helpful volunteers in the gallery for box locations. The award winners will be displayed in the Art Show on Monday and in the Daily Dragon for all to see. Please stop by and help your favorite artist win a chance to bypass Jury the following year!

The Art Gallery

In the main Art Show exhibition room, located in the Grand Hall of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the center focal point of the space is the art gallery. Pieces of artwork will be displayed from each artist that is exhibiting in the art show. Please don’t feel rushed. Take the time to look at each piece. All artwork will have information directing you the specific artist space on the show floor. All artwork displayed may be for sale, with the exception of some artwork that is marked “NFS” or “Not For Sale.” Art purchased from the art gallery via the individual artist will be available for pick up on 2pm on Monday, unless other arrangements are made at the show.

The Artists’ Bazaar Tables

The Artists’ Bazaar tables are located throughout the Grand Hall and are a special area for artists to present their artwork and merchandise related to their artwork directly to the public. The pieces range from special limited edition prints to unusual and exotic original jewelry to hand-thrown pots and everything in between. The artists themselves will present these items and may even personalize them for you. Feel free to engage with the artists’ and inquire about commission or one of kind pieces.

Art Show Programming

Do you want to learn how artists make these wonderful creations? How about mold making and casting for art and costume? Or do you want to discuss how to create compelling & unique book cover illustrations? Then lucky for you the art show has a huge variety of programming covering many topics of interest for both the attendee and the artist alike. The programming schedule can be found in the app or Quick start guide. Art show programming is located inside the Grand Hall within the Art Show.

Art Show Charity Auction

Each year the artists create one-of-a-kind art pieces that are placed for bid at the charity auction that takes place on the Monday of the show. All proceeds go to the official Dragon Con charity, which for 2020 is the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Atlanta.  We anticipate outstanding submissions for this year’s charity project! Past items have included: Unique birdhouses, funky garden gnomes, colorful dinosaurs and much more. Additionally, we have also modified the charity “canvas” that each artist can draw on throughout the show and it will be available to be bid on during the charity auction. The charity canvas will include four parts and you can bid on just one piece, two pieces, or all four! To add to our charity auction, artists can donate signed prints and originals that you can bid on and even get personalized. This is something you don’t want to miss out on!

The Art Show is located in the Grand Hall at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and open during the following hours:

  • Friday – 1:00PM to 7:00PM
  • Saturday – 10:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Sunday – 10:00AM to 7:00PM
  • Monday – 10:00AM to 5:00PM

For more information on the Dragon Con Art Show, please email us!

*Note: At this time, Dragon Con will no longer operate a print shop or specific art show auction. Items can be purchased directly from the artist at their space within the show.

**Attention Parents and Guardians: It is the policy of Dragon Con Art Show to permit artistic nudity as subject matter. If you have minor children with you we recommend you walk through the show first to see if any of the artwork needs to be avoided during their visit.

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