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Creativity Takes Courage

See our artistic heroes and heroines

Dragon Con is proud to display the work of some of the most incredibly talented artists in fandom. Meet living legends and emerging artists to find the perfect thing for your walls – or just enjoy the show.

So Dragon Con 2020 has gone virtual.  It’s a bummer for sure that we aren’t able to connect personally with each and every one of our fans, but let’s look at the bright side…Dragon Con Goes Virtual is bringing you a SIX day round the clock shopping experience with our amazing vendors and artists.  That’s right – no more getting kicked out (nicely of course) before closing and feel free to munch on whatever food you want while you browse!  Just picture an Art Show with aisles as wide as you can dream and all of the amazing artists you have come to love over the years with the perfect piece for your home just waiting for you.  How cool would it be to have a one stop shop where you can shop in all your favorite stores and then only pay once so you aren’t getting your credit card company calling to verify the bazillion charges going through on your card? It’s not a dream; it is our fabulously fantastic virtual Art Show through eventeny.  Get ready to shop to your heart’s content and support our amazing artists.

Don’t see your favorite artist or prefer to shop directly for their own storefronts?  We’ve got that covered too.  Just browse below for the links to all of your favorites.

Hours of Operation:

September 2nd – September 7th

24 hours a day