I, For One, Welcome Our Machine Overlords

Official Dragon Con App

Our official App is your digital guide to all things Dragon Con, including the Con schedule with close to 5000 hours of non-stop programming. With it, you can:

  • Check out the stellar guest line up, including where to find them and a mini bio to get to know them a little better
  • Browse the dealers and exhibitors offering almost anything you can imagine (and some things you can’t!)
  • Navigate the massive footprint of the show the latest in map technology

The Dragon Con App will be your best friend (though our 80,000+ attendees are pretty awesome.)


DragonConTV is all about the culture of the Con. DCTV started in 2002 as a way for our volunteers and fans to spoof science fiction & fantasy. Now, we’re all up in your Con adding coverage of the greatest pop culture convention in the known universe (and most mirror universes). Our comedy videos make fun of any sci-fi show, book or universe … from the ones we love to the ones we hate … and help bring the Dragon Con community together.

Do you have videos you want the fans of Dragon Con to see this year? Excellent! We’re now accepting submissions for DragonConTV. Act fast – the deadline is August 1st.

Review guidelines and submit at https://dragoncon.tv/pages/submissions.

Daily Dragon

The Daily Dragon is your official source for Dragon Con news and updates leading up to and during the convention. Available each day of the show at the information booths, registration desk, and in the fan track rooms, the Daily Dragon publishes articles and party announcements and announces any schedule changes.


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