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American Sci-fi and Fantasy Media

The American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media Track features guests, events, and panels where you get to interact with your favorite stars, ask questions, and discuss crazy theories with fellow fans. We’ll go from the far reaches of the Universe with shows like The Expanse and Dark Matter to superheroes from the CW and Netflix, and even dive into some fantastical shows like Once Upon a Time. We’ll see how shows explore topics and concepts that apply to our modern lives.

If that’s too serious for you, come for the silliness! We co-host the Geek Sing-a-long on Thursday night to kick off the con. Friday is the farewell showing of the Sci-Fi Drive In! Join us for the last year of good-natured heckling of the campiest Sci-Fi movies you love to hate! Sunday night lets you indulge in some adult humor with the Heroes, Villains and Humanity game!

Singing, prizes (yes, there are prizes!), bad movies and jokes, what more could you ask for?

You can check for updates on our site and keep up to date on all things genre/media on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.