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Apocalypse Rising

The Apocalypse is Rising, or has it already arrived? We'll discuss this burning question and more in our panels on the what, why, and when of the end of the world.

Once you know how the world might end, our Survival series will prepare you for the worst, with panels on everything from “bug out bags” to practical first aid. You’ll then have your chance to put those survival skills to the test, fending off the zombie apocalypse at this year’s Annual Zombie Walk and Zombie Prom.

From fact to fiction, some of your favorite cast from The 100 will be joining us, in addition to lively fan discussions on TV favorites such as The Walking Dead, 12 Monkeys, and Into the Badlands. Not to mention we’ll also be taking a look at the newest dystopian adaptation, A Handmaid's Tale, and what makes it, and other stories of its genre, so popular.

So gear up, bug out, and be sure to follow us on Twitter (ar_track_dc) and Facebook (Dragon Con Apocalypse Rising Track) for updates!