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Dragon Con 2014 Charity Auction

Director: Jennifer Breland (Contact:

We are pleased to announce the Atlanta Community Food Bank as our 2014 charity. The proceeds from this year's charity auction and other charity events at Dragon Con will benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Dragon Con will again be matching funds raised at the show up to $50,000 with the hope of being able to send over $100,000 to the ACFB.

Facts about hunger in Georgia:
  • 20% of the people living in Georgia are food insecure, meaning that they don’t always know where they will find their next meal.
  • 28.8% of Georgia children live in food insecure households.
  • 27.2% of Georgia’s children live in poverty.
  • 19.2% of Georgians are living in poverty.
  • From 2000 to 2010, the number of poor individuals in the Atlanta metro suburbs more than doubled, growing by 122%.


Facts about the Atlanta Community Food Bank:
  • In 2013 the ACFB distributed $9.21 worth of grocery products back into the community for every $1.00 donated.
  • 94 cents of every dollar donated to the ACFB (including the value of all donated food) goes directly to services in the community to help fight hunger.
  • The ACFB is one of more than 200 food banks that are members of Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organizations.
  • In the fiscal year 2012-2013, volunteers served 106,418 hours oin support of the ACFB mission.
  • As the need has continued to grow, the ACFB has been able to
    respond, thanks to an involved and caring community. The ACFB
    distributed an overall total of more than 45 million pounds of
    food and grocery products in Fiscal Year 2012-13, compared to nearly 37 million pounds in the prior year. Over the past four
    years, ACFB’s distribution has increased by 85%.

To find out more about the ACFB, click on the image below:

Help us to continue the Dragon Con tradition of charity work and thank you in advance for your support!

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2014 Food Drive

We are pleased to announce that in support of our 2014 Charity, the Atlanta Community Food Bank, we will also be hosting a food drive during the convention. We will have collection bins located in the Sheraton near registration. If you would like to donate non perishable goods, the ACFB would be much appreciative and we can even better assist them in doing good for our community.

Not sure what to bring? Check out the the ACFB's information on the most needed items:

As a part of our dedication to providing healthier food to families, the ACFB would like to ask you, our food and fund drive champions, to help us achieve this goal. Vulnerable communities and those who live within them often lack access to healthy food or the resources to acquire it with. These same communities are also disproportionately affected by diet-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity. By providing the healthiest food possible to our neighbors in need, we can help in the fight against two battles that are intrinsically linked: hunger and chronic disease in our community.

Focusing on highly nutritious foods, we aim to distribute food that will enable people suffering the ill-effects of hunger and poverty to feel stronger and healthier. Some of the most needed food items are:

Whole grain foods
Whole wheat pasta
Brown rice
Whole grain cereal
Whole wheat flour
Whole grain crackers
Plain oatmeal
Shelf stable milk (cow, soy, rice, etc.)
Fruit, dried or canned in light syrup or juice
Low-sodium, no salt added vegetables
Low-sodium pasta sauce in plastic container
Foods high in protein
Natural peanut butter (no hydrogenated oil)
Dried beans
Dried peas
Dried lentils
Canned tuna - canned in water, not oil
Canned salmon - canned in water, not oil
Canned chicken - canned in water, not oil
Unsalted nuts
100% fruit and/or vegetable juice
Cooking oil
Olive oil
Canola oil

Families and individuals who struggle to put food on the table also have a tough time with the household essentials that many of us take for granted. In addition to food, these non-food items are greatly needed and appreciated:

Paper products



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Charity Submissions

We welcome all submissions for the 2014 Charity Auction, benefitting Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Without donations from people just like you, we would not have been able to raise $87,000 last year for Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, Georgia Conservancy, and the Marcus Autism Center.

If you’d like to help, we would love to have you donate an item for us to sell at the charity auction.  Items sold at past charity auctions have included: books, comic books, artwork, signed photos, movie props, prop replicas, toys, games, costumes, DVD players, computers, TVs, store and restaurant gift cards, weekend getaways at hotels, site visits to the “live” set of a TV series, a meal with an actor or writer, a writing review by an editor, inclusion (Tuckerization) in an upcoming book, and much more.  If you have an idea for something you’d like to donate and would like to discuss it, contact us at

If you would like to send an item (or items) for this year’s event, please send them to:

Dragon Con Charity Events
445 Atlanta South Pkwy #105
Atlanta, GA 30349


Please include your contact information (name and email or street address) for donation tracking purposes.  Our computer system this year that allows us to track all donations so we can send out receipts to everyone that made a donation (if you wish to donate anonymously, please let us know).

If you are unable to send your donation to us before the convention, we will have a Charity Events Booth open from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM Friday and Saturday. The booth is in the Marriot Hotel, 1 floor below the hotel registration desk.  At the booth, we will be displaying items that have been donated, as well as accepting additional donated items.  If you need help with your donation, come by the booth and we will have a staff member go with you to pick up the item.

As always, we thank you for your generosity.

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Charity Artwork Project

Please keep checking back here for our 2014 Charity Artwork project!

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Robert A. Heinlein "Pay It Forward" Blood Drive

Give the gift of life and donate blood at the Dragon Con Blood Drive. For LifeSouth, which serves more than 40 hospitals in the Atlanta area and more than 110 hospitals in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, Dragon Con is a major donation venue.

In 2013, the drive welcomed 2972 donors and collected 7,544 units, assisted by a crew of more than 60 people from all three states who descended on Atlanta to handle the flood of donors in costume.

Don’t miss out this year! Join us, give blood, get a free T-shirt!

In two locations at Dragon Con:

Room A701-A702 of the Marriott

Atlanta Ballroom of the Sheraton (next to conference registration) (Thursday and Friday only)

Blood drive hours:

  • Thursday: 11am to 8pm
  • Friday-Sunday: 10am to 7pm
  • Monday: 9am to 3pm


If you have any questions about the blood drive, please check out our FAQ for answers.

Check out the blood drive on Facebook.

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Dragon Con Superheroes

We are pleased to announce the creation of Dragon Con Superheroes, a community service project team for our members, volunteers, and staff.  After seeing the amazing impact of the funds raised each year throughout the convention, we are excited to expand our charity efforts to include several projects in and around the Atlanta area each year.  On top of the incredible generosity of our members, the community is strong and loves a good reason to get together outside of Labor Day weekend and we couldn’t think of a better way to do so! Click here to learn more!

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