Comic & Pop Artist Alley

Thank you to everyone who helped make Dragon Con Comics and Pop Art 2013 our biggest and best event yet!!!

Labor Day weekend was a true art-lover's celebration, with creators from comics, animation, lowbrow, steampunk, pop surreal, and entertainment art delivering an eye-popping array of originals, prints, custom toys, sketches and autographs to a record-breaking number of fans and collectors.

2013 saw the return of Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Doug Sneyd, Derek Yaniger, Chris Hamer, Mark Brooks, Stephanie Gladden, Doktor A, HC Warner, Jennie Breeden, Chris Schweitzer, Ted Naifeh, and Brian Stelfreeze, as well as first-time appearances by Jose Delbo, Alan Bellman, Jeremy Treece, Brian Kesinger, and Jen Broomall. With over 120 creators in attendance, there really was something for everyone in artist's alley.

This year also marked a milestone anniversary for Aspen Comics, capped off by a rare live diving event at the Georgia Aquarium, as Frank Mastromauro and Peter Steigerwald kicked off Dragon Con Night by swimming with the magnificent whale sharks. Attendees crowded the dance floor to share in the festivities as costumed fans competed for a bounty of prizes from the Aspen Crew during the Aspen Beach Party, helping make this the most successful Dragon Con Night at the Georgia Aquarium to date!

Plans are already underway for 2014, and soon we will begin announcing more of the exciting and diverse creators fans have come to expect from Dragon Con Comics and Pop Art. We look forward to seeing everyone next year for what will certainly be another memorable event!

Until then, check out our amazing guests and attending artists from 2013.

2013 Comics and Pop Artist Alley


Jason “Spyda” Adams Joel Adams Josh Adams*
Neal Adams* Andrew Van Buren Aydin Allen Bellman
Tom Biondolillo Jennie A Breeden Mark Brooks
Bob Burden James Burns Amanda Conner
Darwyn Cooke Peter Capn' Cutler Jeremy Heath Dale
Jose Delbo Doktor A Annie Erskine
Gary Gianni Stephanie Gladden Michael A. Gordon
Sanford B Greene Daxiong Guo Merrill Hagan
Dusty Higgins Georges Jeanty Van Jensen
Brian Kesinger Alex Konat John P. Lotshaw
Comfort Deborah Love Mike McKone Jason Metcalf
Mike S Miller Frank Mastromauro Dean Motter
Sho Murase Ted Naifeh Jai Nitz
Siya Oum Jimmy Palmiotti George Pérez
Richard Pini* Wendy Pini* Andy Price
Don Rosa Jacob Rougemont Andy Runton
Tony Salvaggio Chris Schweizer Doug Sneyd
Ray Snyder Anthony Spay Peter Steigerwald
Yale Stewart Jeremy Treece Jamie Tyndall
Dexter Vines Adam Withers Derek Yaniger
Kelly Yates Thom Zahler  

Names denoted with a * will be located in the Vendor Area (Floor 1 Exhibit Hall) in the AmericasMart:

  • Josh Adams - booth 1207
  • Neal Adams booths - 1209, 1211
  • Wendy and Richard Pini - booth 1108


Attending Artists

Obsidian Abnormal

Michael Banks – Sugar Fueled

Jennifer Bennett

Scott Blair

Jenevieve Broomall

Greg Carter

Brian Colin

Tess Cooper

Jason Flowers

Darren Gendron

Daniel Gorman

Daniel Govar

Jordan Gunderson

Mike Groves

Chris Hamer – Urbnpop

Bill Holbrook


Cassie Kelly

Jerry Keslensky

Rachel Keslensky

Killer Targets

Tony Kordos

Sarah M

Rhiannon Owens

Keith P. Rein

Scott Rorie

Jamie Snell

Dirk Strangely

Nathan Szerdy

Jason Thomas – Red Rocket Farm

HC Warner

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