Comic & Pop Artist Alley

Dragon Con Comics & Pop Art is your Atlanta hub for the biggest and brightest in the world of comic books and pop culture-inspired art. In 2015 we are proud to present a dynamic roster of talented illustrators, writers, designers, sculptors and publishers from virtually every aspect of the medium. In addition to a full weekend of the panels and programming that have made Dragon Con a fan-favorite, Comics & Pop Artists Alley will give fans an opportunity to meet a vast array of creators on hand with autographs, sketches, original art, prints, and books.

Exciting new names will be joining returning favorites this year, as we welcome Arthur Adams, Joyce Chin, Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, Peter Steigerwald, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Joe Benitez, the Frazetta Girls, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Matt Fraction, Van Jensen, Rebekah Isaacs, Georges Jeanty, Al Bellman, Jim Steranko, and many many more!

There will also be an original art exhibit celebrating 75 years of Marvel Comics, courtesy of the Atlanta Original Art Collectors, a special signing of "March: Volume 2" with Congressman John Lewis, and plenty or artist exclusives and special releases, so don't miss out on the greatest Labor Day celebration on the planet!

2015 Comics and Pop Artist Alley

Guests and Attending Pros:

Arthur Adams           

Al Bellman                

Joe Benitez              ;

Tom Biondolillo        

Jennie Breeden        

Jenevieve Broomall ;

Bob Burden              ;

James Burns            

Joyce Chin               

Amanda Conner        ;

Peter Capn’ Cutler   

Peter David              

Kelly Sue DeConnick ;

Mark Dos Santos      

Timothy Farrell        

Brenden Fletcher     

Matt Fraction           

Matt Frank               

Frazetta Girls           

Chandra Free           ;

Andrew E.C. Gaska   

Michael Gordon        ;

Sanford Greene        ;

Tom Heintjes           ;

Bill Holbroock          

Rebekah Isaacs        ;

Georges Jeanty        

Van Jensen              

Joseph Karg             

John Lotshaw          

Comfort Love          ;

Jason Metcalf          

Laurenn McCubbin  

Mike S. Miller         

Dean Motter           

Ted Naifeh             

Maki Naro               ;

Jai Nitz                   

Jimmy Palmiotti      ;

Ande Parks             ;

Benjamin Percy      

Andy Price              ;

Brian Pulido            

Livio Ramondelli      

Afua Richardson      

Andy Runton           

David S. Serchay

Mike Shoemaker     

Yale Stewart           ;

Babs Tarr                ;

Jamie Tyndall         

Jeremy Scott Whitley;   Twitter = @Jrome58

Adam Withers         ;

Derek Yaniger         

Kelly Yates             

Thomas Zahler       ;



Brian Kesinger

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