Director: Lee Cox

We are the cooking show of costuming; the HGTV of D C. …And we are crafting four jam-packed days of DIY for the costumer in everyone! No matter your skill level or area of costuming interests this is your Costuming Track.

For starters, we are bringing back the 3-part patterning series that everyone loved two years ago. Frankensteining, draping, and drafting are all discussed. For the hardcore folks, we have more sculpting, casting, fabricating and electronics panels.

Want to show off your own work? Our world class Friday Night Costuming Contest celebrates its 13th year of costuming excellence. If you are looking for something lighter, Project Cosplay is the campiest display of costuming MacGyvering ever! If makeup is more your thing, check out our Body Art Competition where champion body painters show off their artistry while dueling for bragging rights. Pre-registration for all three contests and the exhibit opens on June 1.