Media Coverage

The GSU Signal

31 Dec 2011

Another Year, Another Dragon*Con  Signal's Guide to Dragon*Con  

The Hoosier Times

1 Oct 2012

Volunteers, Fans Bring Together Dragon*Con

The Magazine

31 Dec 2013

Redshirts in the Coffee Shop

The Mary Sue

1 Oct 2012

My First Trip to Dragon*Con

The Nerdist

1 Oct 2012

The Nerdist Podcast

The OneRing.Net

1 Oct 2012

Rings Panel Charms Dragon*Con

The West Georgian

31 Dec 2013

Dragon Con 2013: A Massive Labor Day Weekend Invasion Dragon Con Saves Lives

Three If By Space

31 Dec 2013

Dragon Con Partners with PassionTag for tagging and Sharing Photos TiBS Is Going To Dragon Con – Catch Us If You Can! Dragon Con 2013: Hilarious Torchwood Panel Hijinks, Part 1 Dragon Con 2013: Hilarious Torchwood Panel Hijinks, Part 2

Transmissions From Atlantis

31 Dec 2013

Episode 47.1 – A Chat with DragonCon Brit Track Director Caro Brown Episode 48 – DragonCon’s Stargate Multiverse Track, 12th Doctor Auditions and True Blood! Episode 49 – Why Peter Capaldi is the Perfect Choice for the 12th Doctor and DragonCon...


31 Dec 2013

Michael Rooker, cosplay thrunderdome showdown, live performance from Professor Shyguy, and more! You Know What You Should Do?, go to DragonCon, Con of a Dragon, and stop cheating your own life and join forces with Get Set Go