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Electronic Frontiers Forums

Director: Scott Jones

With recent political changes, many are concerned, now more than ever, about freedom of speech, privacy, intellectual property enforcement, and everyone's rights online. Electronic Frontiers Forums covers these areas and so much more! We bring together the best legal and technical minds to hash out our shared future and have a little fun along the way!

This year, we're delighted to have representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, Access Now, and local organizations to discuss the latest news and issues in Internet and technology activism. Planned topics include Journalism in the Trump era, Network Neutrality, Cyber Forensics, Self-Driving Cars, Hacking Mobile Applications, the Wikileaks CIA Dump, and more! We're also featuring two contests this year: the returning Crypto Challenge, and (new this year) Network King of the Hill.

A full schedule will be published by late July at our website, If you would like to offer to be a presenter or join our volunteer staff, please contact us at Facebook (, Twitter (@efforums), or by using the contact form at