Thomas E. Sniegoski

Thomas E. Sniegoski is a New York Times bestselling author who had written for children, young adults, and adults, who has also worked in the comic book industry. He is the author of the ground breaking teen series The Fallen, which was transformed into three 2-hour movies for ABC Family Channel.

Sniegoski is also the author of the popular, seven book adult urban fantasy series featuring angel-turned-private eye Remy Chandler, beginning with A Kiss Before the Apocalypse. His novel with Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola, Grim Death & Bill the Electrocuted Criminal, was released in February 2017.

His newest work, with artist Tom McWeeney, Atomic Frenchie, has just been released, and its sequel comes out in 2019.

Sniegoski was born and raised in the Boston area, where he still lives with his wife LeeAnne and their French Bulldog, Kirby.