Paul McGillion

Paul McGillion is a multi-award-winning actor with over one hundred film and television credits to his name.

Born in Paisley, Scotland, the sixth of seven children, he immigrated to Canada with his family as a child. While pursuing his acting career, Paul obtained two degrees (B.A. and B.E.d ) and was a member of the National Champion Brock Badgers varsity wrestling team.

Feature film credits include J.J. Abram's Star Trek, Brad Bird's Tomorrowland, Kevan Funk's Hello Destroyer, and the Hollywood/Bollywood romance Heartbeats from acclaimed filmmaker Duane Adler.

Select television credits include Fox's 24, ABC's Once Upon a Time, AMC's award-winning drama The Killing, CW's The Flash, Netflix's Frontier, the cult classic The X-Files, and the hit sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis where he portrayed the loveable Scottish physician, Dr. Carson Beckett, for five seasons.

Paul resides in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and two children.