Mark Pennington

Mark Pennington was born and raised in northern Ohio, his love for comics, sci fi and fantasy started early as a child. Buying Batman comics for twelve cents off the racks in old dirty corner stores around Cleveland! After high school Mark joined the Army for three years got married and went to the Joe Kubert school of Cartoon and Graphic art.

After graduation he got a call from Hasbro, they needed a new concept artist for the G.I. Joe action figures. Mark was a perfect fit, having played with Joe’s his whole life, was in the military and had worked in a “plastic injection molding factory” when he was sixteen.

After two and a half years at Hasbro Mark started a freelance art career, was slow at first but things really picked up after one year. Mark broke in at DC as an inker and spent the next 30 years working for DC, Marvel, DarkHorse, IDW and many others.

During this time, Mark also illustrated various card art, designed toys and children’s books. The last few years he have been moving away from comics and concentrating on portrait, landscapes and fine art.  Mark still does an occasional cover or short story, comics and sci fi are in his blood, the nerd in him won’t let it go!

Mark Pennington “wanted to be Tarzan, had to settle for artist"