Steve Gonsalves

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Steve is mostly known as the host of Syfy’s hit show, Ghost Hunters (Pilgrim Films and Television). Syfy has aired Ghost Hunters for 10 years and the show has become a staple of the network, returning this past January with all new episodes.

A knowledgeable authority in the ghost hunting genre, Steve also stars in the popular SyFy spin off show, Ghost Hunters Academy. Gonsalves is TAPS Investigator in season one and quickly became the technology manager for 6 seasons; during seasons 7 and 8, Steve was promoted to lead investigator, working alongside TAPS founder Jason Hawes.

As founder of the wildly popular paranormal magazine TAPS Paramag ( available in print or on digital media-ITunes/Android), Gonsalves has proven to be a fan favorite on many levels! Ghost Hunters (the series), as well as fan turn out- usually, Steve draws thousands of admirers to his various appearances, lectures and signings. Also, Steve has been featured on many television and news programs including Larry King Live, The View, and Fox and Friends.